Seattle 30 Months New

Things I’ve Learned About Seattle and Living in a City:

  1. You can technically walk anywhere in Seattle, it is not THAT big.
  2. You could film a commercial at any time for any outfitting company.  You only see super high-tech rain gear and hiking jackets everywhere, along with hiking boots and hiking cargo pants.
  3. It doesn’t matter what you wear, anywhere, anytime.
  4. I’ve never had that feeling of being herded like cattle through downtown.  The average number of people waiting for a cross signal downtown is like six.
  5. It rarely smells like the sea or fish.
  6. There might be more homeless individuals than professionals in Capitol Hill.
  7. Don’t go for seafood at the “seafood joints”, most every restaurant has fantastic seafood that is not nearly as overpriced…and often times better.
  8. People actually care about how smart you are…that is most people’s first impression criteria.
  9. There are probably more coffee shops than restaurants.
  10. You hardly ever see bikers dressed inappropriately.  You will receive looks of scorn if you aren’t wearing biking gear from head to toe, clip-in shoes, and a flashing light on the front…and back.
  11. Most of us aren’t from here.
  12. Yet they still call drinks “soda”.
  13. Traffic stinks…so don’t drive.
  14. It’s amazing the excitement during the winter for days of no rain.
  15. It’s also amazing the reaction snow gets in the city.
  16. People are generally beer snobs.


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