Weekend…Before the Super Bowl

No football.

No skiing.


What could I have possibly done this weekend?  A lot and it was great!  Friday night I went out for drinks in Capitol Hill with the group.  We went to Sam’s Tavern and I stuck with their Fire Manhattans and fat steak fries.  Saturday morning Bryan and I spent a relaxing morning inside before walking to brunch at Ship Canal Grill by the Eastlake bridge and then deciding to walk in the sunny 55 degree weather back to Sam’s Tavern to collect his lost wallt before hurrying back and settling into the MSU vs. UM game…WHO DAT?  Total of 6.5 miles, 750 ft incline, lots of conversation, and a happy UM fan later we settled in for a lazy night.

Bryan's really amazing seafood chowder in a lobster bisque broth.
Bryan’s really amazing seafood chowder in a lobster bisque broth.
My black and bleu steak salad.
My black and bleu steak salad.

Sunday morning I attempted going to the Lululemon class but instead biked to a long overdue appointment, biked up the Queen Anne Hill from the back, and then had my first study portion of the P.E. exam.  4 hrs…ugh!  Afterwards I made some sweet potato gnocchi from our leftover frozen dough for myself and a very hungry hiking boy before heading to the Seattle Reperatory Theater for our next $5 play of the A Great Wilderness.  It was another great play that Bryan and I enjoyed so, so much.  A very different theme, style, characters, and storyline but the message was amazing (about homosexuality) and two of the characters couldn’t have been more like Bryan’s parents if they tried, bringing tears even to his eyes!

A Great Wilderness
A Great Wilderness

Great weekend in Seattle…in January!!


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