Without Seattle…

  • No Starbucks, can you even imagine
  • No Nordstroms
  • No Amazon, truly unimaginable, just think they started out just doing books
  • No Pacific salmon…I can now name salmon (King, pink, coho, steelhead, Chinook…)
  • No grunge music
  • No Macklemore
  • No Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-A-Lot
  • No Boeing airplanes
  • No Frasier
  • No Grey’s Anatomy
  • No Windows Office
  • No XBox
  • No Costco
  • No Expedia
  • No Nintendo
  • No R.E.I.
  • No Eddie Bauer
  • No Cinnabon (though now I don’t know if one exists in Seattle)
  • No dungeness crab


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