We’re In

One of the mottos of the Seahawks and Seattlites.  And now we are in…the Super Bowl that is.  And it is oh so sweet.  It was September 21st, the NFL season had just started playing regular season games.  Bryan and I were in Colorado Springs for a wedding, amidst Broncos fans, and we said it was to be the Seahawks vs. the Broncos in the Superbowl…and so it is.  We couldn’t be more excited and we couldn’t be awaiting a better game.  Experienced, veteran players like Peyton Manning and Wes Welker will be testing their skills against the younger, inexperienced likes of Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and most importantly a stellar secondary of Sherman and Thomas.  It will truly be a great story.

I love the Seahawks!!!
I love the Seahawks!!!

But it has been a great season, one with few losses, few injuries, few scandals, but many reasons to celebrate and unite a city.  I cannot tell you how excited Seattle is.  It has been since 1979 when any Seattle professional sports team has brought home a championship (excluding the Sounders soccer team), and that was with the Supersonics, a team who no longer reside in Seattle.  The city is without lack of sports fans, just look at the shear numbers that flock Centurylink during the Sounders games.  The pep rally held on Friday was ginormous, the amount of $.12 coffees that Starbucks gave out to all in Washington on Friday must have been thousands, and the percentage of people wearing Seahawks jerseys this weekend seemed to be nearly 1:2.

Cutie Patootie
Cutie Patootie

After a wonderfully rough battle between the #1 offense against the #1 defense the outcome favored Seattle.  Pete Carroll proved again that he is in to win.  Sherman gave an epic interview, of which you can read a stance on here:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/tommytomlinson/2014/01/19/22-brief-thoughts-about-that-richard-sherman-interview/.  I actually take no offence to being called a bunch of thugs, if you lived in Seattle you would see that the city needs a little rustling up to do it good.  And thugs I think not, I call them a team that really works together and plays as a team.  And my 15 friends that came over to watch the game went home happy and full.  Bryan and I even drove from my house to his counting the number of “#12” flags, ultimately settling on 17, making us even prouder fans, and the count continues…

Bittersweet, we will be watching the Super Bowl with all of our friends in Whistler, we will not be in the city.  But we will be watching and we will all be wearing our jerseys!!


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