Top Ten of November

I almost forgot about the month of November.  Here was what was hot and happening in November.

1.  Thanksgiving…and Bryan’s Apple Pie

We had a great time spending Thanksgiving Weekend in Jackson, WY with friends.  The condo was luxurious , the hot tub was relaxing, the weather was sunny, the landscape was beautiful, the company was comforting, and the dinner was delicious.  It went almost without a hitch, but me lasting the car rides, visiting many new-to-me states, and seeing the Tetons was all so worth it!  OH and Bryan’s apple pie was the best apple pie I have ever had in my life, no joke.

Tetons Thankgiving day, post dinner.

2.  Breaking in My Skis

I was so excited to use my new Rossignol S3 skis that I got as a birthday present from my parents.  After getting brand new bindings and having the boy give them a good waxing they were ready to go.  And they did more than impress me.  I loved them.  I haven’t had the opportunity yet to ski with them in powder, where they are supposed to really shine, but so far so good.  I can’t wait for more skiing this season but I would be surprised if we had as warm or sunny a day as we did the day after Thanksgiving.  And it was free!!!

New skis
New skis

3.  San Juan Islands

We took a lovely weekend departure from the city to stay at a sleepy B&B in Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands with our friends, Billy and Valerie.  Not only was it needed to get away and spend some time together, but it was also fun to explore the not-crowded island, get to know our friends better, have a fire and hot tub, and we had a great dinner ourselves at the famous Coho Restaurant on the island.  I could go just for the ferry rides to and fro…and do a puzzle and hear a polka band on the way.

The house.  Our bedroom was the front room with the surrounding windows.
The house. Our bedroom was the front room with the surrounding windows.

4.  B&B For Life

This was my first stay at a B&B and I was instantly in love.  Not only did we each get our own room, kitchen, living room with fireplace, and a sunroom with dining table but we had a hot tub at our access, were delivered different cookies every afternoon, had movies and games to use, and were delivered with some of the best breakfasts I have had in a longgggg time.  Leaving the Inn I was craving those breakfasts to continue…forever.

Our fantastic breakfast delivered to our nook.
Our fantastic breakfast delivered to our nook.

5.  Seahawks Winning!

Oh yeah!!!  We have been on a roll and it is not letting up.  Wilson is on fire, you simply cannot pressure him enough with his quick getaway moves and ability to make split second decisions that actually don’t usually end up as a turnover.  Tate is simply amazing.  Lynch is badass.  Sherman is tough.  Baldwin, Miller, and Chancellor are coming out.  Hauschka is one of the league’s best.  I could go on…

I love the Seahawks!!!
I love the Seahawks!!!

6.  Cooking Classes

This month I got to partake in two great cooking classes for practically nothing and I learned so much.  The first was a free Yelp! event and I had both exceptional instruction in learning to make sauces, pork tenderloin, flambeed apples, and sweet potato gnocchi, and then got to eat the amazing food.  Then the next week I got to take a class with my roommates, featuring Italian food, that was a gift from Amy.  We had a good time cooking and then eating together and it was just a very relaxed environment.  I love cooking!

Sweetpotato gnocchi with sage brown butter sauce that we made!!!.
Sweetpotato gnocchi with sage brown butter sauce that we made!!!.

7.  Dine Around Seattle

I love foodie events around the city.  This month features the three courses for $30 at many area top restaurants and we got to enjoy one of those restaurants with our new friends Andrew and Angela at a neighborhood restaurant in Eastlake.  We had a great meal, exceptional wine, and good conversation.  I especially loved those Brussels!!!

Those Brussels!!!
Those Brussels!!!

8.  Fabulous FareStart Nights

The lineup for FareStart continues to completely amaze me.  For the month of November I had the opportunity of trying Poppy, Sitka and Spruce, and Palace Kitchen.  Those are three very famous chefs in Seattle and otherwise.  I can still remember both S&S and Palace’s amazing salads, that duck turnover from Poppy, and pretty much everything else too.

Duck and mushroom pastry from Poppy was so good!
Duck and mushroom pastry from Poppy was so good!

9.  Hot Yoga

With the weather turning colder, hot yoga has been even more appealing to me.  I’m trying to go at least twice a week and on the weekend the classes I go to are free. All of the instructors are great and I love the heat!!!

I love hot yoga!
I love hot yoga!

10.  Recruitment Trip Promised

This trip hasn’t even happened yet but the minute I heard it was happening I was instantly a happier person.  I will get to spend one week in Michigan free of charge.  I will get to tour around with one of my favorite coworkers, I will get to see my parents, brother and grandma, I will get to eat at some of my favorite places and have dinner with my parents, I will get to go to a UM basketball game, and I will get to freeze to death.  So excited!!

Hive five state
Hive five state


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