New You Can Use – Fall Addition

  • Polly supplies our coffee creamer (otherwise I would never buy coffee creamer) and upon her reading that most don’t use real cream she found one that does…Bailey’s Creamer = YES!!
  • If you want to become a millionaire fast you should discover a use for the leftover whey from Greek yogurt.  Apparently at the rate they are dumping the whey into waste streams, the volume of it is extremely poisonous to several plant and animal species.
  • Black nail polish is still one of my favorite colors but I am really digging the chocolate brown this fall.
  • The granola Grandma sent me was the perfect topping for an apple crisp I made.  I have about half leftover and the recipe so I want to make some more real soon.  Also, apple crisp topped with Oikos Caramel Greek yogurt may just be the very best fall breakfast ever.  There is everything right and nothing wrong with a crisp for breakfast.
  • UM is not leading Texas in the football standings again…I’ll try to pull for them over Baylor despite that!!
  • I could not be more sick and tired of hearing about the Obama Care Plan mishaps.
  • Does it count if my Seattle Restaurant Must Go To List is being ticked off by my nights at FareStart?
  • I have high cholesterol…according to the Biometric Screening we had at work.  Of course my good cholesterol is what really put it over…thank you Pacific salmon that I eat on a very frequent basis.
  • I have set very loose goals for myself to be a little healthier, very loose.
  • I also bought resistance bands to do reps on and be able to carry it between my house and Bryan’s…I have done them only once…and definitely felt it the day after.
  • Brussel sprouts are indeed my favorite vegetable.
  • Hot yoga!
  • I don’t get tired of learning how to cook better.  Cooking classes >> Work.
  • I’m still riding my scooter nearly daily…but with temps getting below freezing for the first time this week, it might not be for much longer.
  • The last time I cooked dinner during the week for just myself (or just me and Bryan) was probably 6 weeks ago.
  • I really need to get to the movies before all of the ones I want to see are off the big screen.
  • It is not uncommon for me to get three course meals now…at all.
  • The Marques Rioja line of wines are still one of my favorite out there.
  • I still want me some pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin donuts!!
  • My bag was found outside of Virginia Mason hospital, where it was for a few weeks.  Bag in disrepair and nothing really left inside = sad.                .


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