Short Week Amen!

This weekend I was a pure grump.  I think a lot of things played into it but I sure wish I hadn’t been one because it was a beautifully sunny weekend with highs around 50.  I watched Michigan lose in a football game that they shouldn’t have to start the weekend off wrong.  Thankfully Bryan came over soon after that and we went for a walk in Queen Anne before heading out for an early dinner and movie.  We wanted to go to a new neighborhood so we drove south to Beacon Hill.  I remembered a restaurant I had heard great things about called Bar del Corso…and I am so glad that I remembered it.  It was phenomenal!!

They open right at 5pm and we got there right at 5pm with a line already starting to build for their opening (they don’t take reservations).  I definitely wanted to sit at the bar because this is the type of restaurant where they cook in front of you and you can watch the plates go out, see what is good, plus I do really like sitting at bars.  We ordered three plates to share and each was a healthy portion and so reasonably priced.  Bryan adores burrata cheese and chose one of the daily specials that was a bruschetta of sorts with a great thick slice of grilled bread topped with white beans in a delicious gravy, burrata cheese, and prosciutto (reminded me of an Italian monte cristo).  We also got the braised pork shoulder that was fork tender and came atop more creamy white beans, arugula, onion, and grape tomatoes.

And then we had to try their pizza since we saw so many ordered and we could also see their huge pizza oven in the corner.  We chose a unique pizza called the rapini that came with sauteed broccoli raab, smoked mozzarella, coppa (yum), garlic, hot peppers, and a bit of tomato…plus I asked for a dish of extra marinara that was literally so tasty that we were licking that bowl clean with that amazing crust.  Three plates, a beer on nitro, and a great glass of wine for $40 left me in a much better mood.  We then saw Gravity at Southcenter, which I thought was a very interesting movie but darn do I wish I could see it in 3D like everyone else.

Braised pork shoulder, half already eaten.
Braised pork shoulder, half already eaten.
Rapini pizza
Rapini pizza

Sunday morning we woke up at 11:30.  Ouch!  We walked to Louisa’s Cafe down the street, which although I’ve heard so many good things about I think I just ordered the wrong thing.  I did not like it at all.  I left with a lot of coffee and an apple cinnamon bun anyways.  We decided to go on a short bike ride since the sun was out.  We rode along the Burke Gilman Trail to Ballard and back.  It was a nice little ride.  We then picked up my skis, picked up our turkey and sides, and headed home to watch the great SNF game and SNL with the lovely roommates and some fresh made popcorn.

Monday and Tuesday were just filled with errands to do before we leave Wednesday morning:

  • Dentist appointment
  • Nails
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning my rain/ski jacket
  • Grocery shopping
  • Packing
  • Sunny run
  • Dinner with a friend at La Lot Vietnamese restaurant
  • Library for books and movies for the cabin

    Wrapping platter with broiled salmon, sugar cane shrimp, pork sausage, and lemongrass chicken.  Really yum!
    Wrapping platter with broiled salmon, sugar cane shrimp, pork sausage, and lemongrass chicken. Really yum!

And we are off to Jackson Hole!!!


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