Halloween Survivor

I’m recovered from the Halloween party on Saturday.  It only took Bryan and I about an hour total to clean the house on Sunday morning.  We set right to it and after completely filling up our recycling bin with cans and bottles (impressive!), swiffering and sweeping the floors, and spraying the rooms with perfume we were content to commiserate in our hangovers.  It was a gorgeous Sunday that we took advantage of by walking to Ivar’s Acres of Clams along the waterfront from my place to get lunch during their 75th anniversary deals.  We had a great lunch, overlooking the Sound and the ferry dock, and then strolled back with a long rest stop at the Olympic Sculpture Park to get our Vitamin D in.

Monday and Tuesday were whirlwind days at work with my coworker on vacation and me taking the reins.  I survived!  I had ten friends over for Monday Night Football for a wildly close Seahawks game against the Rams and a full spread of Asian-style game-day food (pad kee mao, sticky chicken wings, sesame cabbage salad, chicken lettuce wraps, and potstickers and a cooler still full of beer from Saturday.  Tuesday night Bryan and I had a great dinner at the Italian restaurant Branzino in Belltown, each getting great pasta dishes and a glass of Chianti.  Wednesday I took the day to get some work done and hit my new weekly yoga class at Urban Yoga Spa downtown.  Fantastically sweaty!!!  Thursday I had $30 to spend at Benihana’s for my birthday expiring and Bryan has never been to Benihana’s.  We had an unnecessarily huge dinner (steak, shrimp, soup, salad, fried rice, birthday ice cream) but great fun!

A half portion of the fabulous fall rabbit tagliatelle at Branzino.
A half portion of the fabulous fall rabbit tagliatelle at Branzino.
Simply roasted brussel sprouts at Branzino.
Simply roasted brussel sprouts at Branzino.

After a week of busy days but early nights I am recovered and ready for another weekend.


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