Evolution Fresh Gets Juicy

Have you tried Evolution Fresh juice? On Wednesday I was invited to a Yelp Elite Event featuring a sneak peak at the recent endeavor, Evolution Fresh, a Starbucks brand. Evolution Fresh uses cold pressure technology to ensure that the vitamin and nutrients are not stripped out when they bottle their juices (versus heat pasteurizing). With this process the juices are not only super healthy but also super fresh and delicious.  You can honestly taste and see the difference as we sampled their orange juice next to Tropicana’s Simply Orange.  Their retail locations offer seasonal super-premium juices along with healthy and delicious food options.

One of my favorite juices.
Kale and quinoa salad, baja scramble, presentators, display case.
Juice line.

Jimmy Rosenberg, founder of Evolution Fresh, was there to tell us about Evolution’s history and their store concept. While Jimmy talked, we were given samples of their delicious juices, smoothies, and tasty breakfast and lunch/dinner options. The Southwest Scramble (eggs, quinoa, black beans, feta, baby spinach) and the Kevin’s Quinoa (Kale, Butternut Squash, black beans, tomatoes, feta and mixed seeds) were two of my favorite food choices.  We also sampled two of their To-Go sandwiches, the roasted turkey and caramelized onion and the Sonoma Chicken.  My favorite juices and smoothies that I would happily get again were the Sweet Heat (cayenne and ginger added to the mix) and the Sweet Greens with Lemon (for when you just want something healthy and refreshing).  Their avocado smoothie was also very tasty and unique.

Upon leaving the Yelp Event we were sent away with goody bags…of course.  We were each given bags with an Evolution Fresh “juice” bottle with a coupon inside for a free juice, a coupon for their new veggie burger, a t-shirt, and were able to pick out one food item and one juice from the To-Go display.  I chose the hummus and veggies collard green wrap, which I am happy to report today after lunch is quite delicious with hummus goodness, and the Essential Vegetable juice which has all things from fruit to beets to greens to herbs, also very good.

Swag bag!
Swag bag!

It was a fun and tasty Yelp Elite Event, but even more so a great learning experience.  I’m a fan of their food, drinks, and philosophy.


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