“Free” Weekend

So our “free” weekend rarity came and went, just like that, just as quick as you would expect.  It was not exactly glorious summer weather like we had been having but actually thunderstorm packed, but filled with socializing with friends, and enjoying the leisure activities we have undoubtedly earned.

Friday night I proposed a nice night out just the two of us, as in Bryan and I, since it had been awhile since we had just our own night and it looked like it was going to be a bit more time before we had that chance again.  I had an Amazon Local voucher to Osteria la Spiga in Capitol Hill to use, an Italian restaurant that had a long time ago been highly recommended by Italian friend Marika.  The deal included a shared 4-course meal with antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolce, plus two glasses of red or white wine.  Our selections were limited to two choices for each course (kind of a bummer) and included: large house salad to share, tagliatelle bolognese, pork sausage with radicchio and rice salad, and tiramisu, plus 1.5 glasses each of Pinot Nero, which was quite tasty.  We really enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and the conversation, and the scooter ride to and fro.

Tagliatelle al ragu
Tagliatelle al ragu

Saturday morning I had my SEAW picnic to host.  Held at Golden Gardens from 12-2pm, we had horrible weather, an awesome location, great catered BBQ, and a pathetic attendance.  I picked up the food from The Original Pit BBQ in Columbia City.  Our spread from the restaurant included pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, baked beans, cornbread, and plates and utensils for 20.  I also cut up watermelon and grapes, picked up cookies, chips, and soft drinks and waters for the group.  It was a little disappointing with the attendance but knew that I cannot affect the weather or people’s weekend plans and graciously took home some of the leftover food.

Jones BBQ Catering
Jones BBQ Catering

Sunday was my favorite kind of Sunday.  I went to church, talked to Amy, and then headed over to Eastalke to help prep the smoker for the night’s football festivities.  David and Bryan decided to host the game watching at their new place, so in a way this was their housewarming party.  The two boys prepped the brisket and chicken and stoked the hickory.  I made hatch chile cornbread coleslaw and baked beans to go with it, and brought over leftover melons, cookies and chips for the party.  The smoker was a great success and the game was a terrific win.  It was a blast watching the game indoors with 12 friends with thunder and lightening going on around us.  Bryan really enjoyed his smoker and really enjoyed entertaining.  My goal so I was happy!

I love the Seahawks!!!
I love the Seahawks!!!
Bryan's slow smoked brisket.
Bryan’s slow smoked brisket.

What a week already though!!!


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