New Discoveries

I have a few new things that I am into that I just thought I would share with everyone.

  1. Outshine frozen yogurt bars in coconut flavor are REALLY good!
  2. Soundcloud > Pandora
  3. Baked veggie chips from Safeway are my new thing (salty, sweet, crunchy, healthy kind of)

    Yum snack!
    Yum snack!
  4. Zucchinis can get really, really big.  I pulled three out of the garden that were nearly 2′ long and about 4″ in diameter.
  5. Working on site is refreshing and the sort of reboot I needed at work.
  6. Beatles songs can be even better when given a Flamenco interpretation, as proven by the new CD I got from my latest Seattle flamenco discovery.

    Flamenco Beatles
    Flamenco Beatles
  7. It is easy and delicious to make ratatouille (or something similar).  I’m not huge of bringing salads to work (bulky and cold) but I like to have some sort of veg, and carrots and hummus gets boring.  Enter ratatouille.  I made it for the first time the other night to use some of the garden zucchini and it was delicious, warm, and filling for lunches.  It makes a lot and I have already started thinking of other combinations using seasonal ingredients.  So excited to keep experimenting and aiming to try and make a batch at least on a biweekly basis.

    Ratatouille deliciousness.
    Ratatouille deliciousness.
  8. Cast iron skillets are phenomenal.  I used it to make the mystery box eggplant curry dinner and the ratatouille and it is just the best thing ever.
  9. DailyLook is my next fashion find.  It has the cutest clothes, reasonable prices, and gives you good ideas for combination outfits.  I ordered my first box already and loved every single item.
  10. Orange is the New Black is a really interesting and intriguing new show that luckily you can watch on Netflix.orange is the new black
  11. Tried a Monster Vanilla Coffee Lite energy drink on the way to Banks Lake and fell in love.  So much tastier than the bottled Starbucks frappucinos or doubleshots or any energy drink out there.

    Monster coffee + energy + yummy!!
    Monster coffee + energy + yummy!!
  12. I’m so excited for my parents to come visit that I don’t even think twice about buying a new bed, mattress, sheets, and pillows…that are all a size bigger than the bed I sleep in.
  13. I finally saw a giant spider in my room.  Not a big fan.
  14. Yoga on the sand is really hard.

    Yoga at Golden Gardens with Tina and Polly and others.
    Yoga at Golden Gardens with Tina and Polly and others.
  15. It is definitely starting to get darker out, a whole lot faster…and rainier!


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