Chelsea’s Top Ten of July

  1. Trip Home to Michigan.  Not only did I get to do all of my favorite things (and I mean all of them) and see all of my favorite people but I also got to show Bryan them all too.  I spent time at the cottage, saw the family, went to Northern Michigan, drank in Grand Rapids, saw friends, enjoyed a free concert in Lansing, and visited my college stomping grounds in Ann Arbor.  I did so much but didn’t feel the least bit tired or pressed for time.

    Hi-Five State!
  2. First Bounty From My Garden.  July 10th marked the first time I retrieved produce from my garden this year.  Good thing as returning from vacation I had absolutely nothing in the fridge.  Four lettuces made their way onto my salmon burger and boy were they fresh and delicious.  Pea pods are ready too for their first picking.

    Leaf lettuces I used on a salmon burger
    Leaf lettuces = first produce from the garden
  3. MEAT.  I have consumed a lot of meat this month, and a lot of good meat.  First there was the prime rib for Bryan’s birthday and then an overload of it at the Brazilian Steakhouse.  We have grilled steaks a few times too!

    Half of the 10lb prime rib.  Thankfully Bryan sliced it and I didn't have to.
    Half of the 10lb prime rib. Thankfully Bryan sliced it and I didn’t have to.
  4. Bryan’s Birthday + Festivities.  Not only did I get to host a grand dinner for 12 people, have him blow out candles, make him breakfast, but we also went on a very cool sunset house on the big day.  I enjoyed and know that he did as well.

    Beware of bugs…but fun nonetheless.
  5. Comedy Shows.  I got to attend two comedy shows in two days.  The first was a fun Yelp! event featuring an improv group in the Pike Market, attended with Bryan.  The second was a huge show featuring Jim Gaffigan at the Paramount who was freaking hilarious, attended with the girls.

    Jim Gaffigan was funny!
    Jim Gaffigan was funny!
  6. Cherry Picking in The Dalles.  Not only did we get to experience the joys of cherry picking, educated on the types of cherries by Polly’s mom, and provided with a place to stay for two nights in Oregon, but we got to take literally $100 worth of cherries, apricots, and peaches back to Seattle with us!!

    We got a LOT of cherries!!
  7. Epic Middle-eastern Dinner.  Our dinner at Nicholas in Portland, OR should most definitely make this list.  Never have I had this good of Lebanese food on the West Coast yet and this may have been the best I have ever had, maybe.  The icing on the cake was actually probably the giant fresh pita bread that was brought to our table before we even ordered anything.  Add stellar hummus, tabbouli, kafta, tzatiki, fried cauliflower, and stewed okra to the mix and I am happy!!!!!!

    So excited with this amazingly large pita bread.
    So excited with this amazingly large pita bread.
  8. First Mystery Box Challenge.  The last day of July marked the first official Mystery Box Challenge dinner and I did really well actually.  With the ingredient being tofu but also being supplied vegetables, soy sauce and bean thread noodles I set to making a chilled vegetable and noodle salad underneath Asian-marinated tofu.  It was beautifully presented with all of the colors, I finished right in time and it was actually delicious.  Most importantly it was fun!!

    Mystery Box #1 = TOFU
  9. Roof/Patio Happy Hours.  I absolutely love dining outside and this July has been so beautiful that I have gotten to do just that fairly often.  There have been happy hours at Frolik and Maximiliens, several dinners at home, and others that I am sure I am missing.

    Active now.
    Active now.
  10. Cocktail Competition.  For the first event in the roommate olympics this was a success and a lot of fun.  Hopefully we keep it up and have the rest of the planned events.  I didn’t even really care that I came in 3rd.

    Drink copyrights clockwise from top left (Mikayla, Brittany, Polly, Mine).
    Drink copyrights clockwise from top left (Mikayla, Brittany, Polly, Mine).


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