Boy is my summer all filled up already.  It is actually kind of insane.  Bryan and I were talking that if we do much hiking at all it will have to be in the evenings after work.  Take a look:

  • July 27-28th:  Oregon with Bryan, Polly, and Mark.  Planning on hitting a brewery, cherry picking, visiting Portland, and staying at Polly’s house
  • August 3-4th:  Two-year anniversary trip…either group kayak trip in the San Juan Islands or B&B in Victoria, B.C.
  • August 10-11th:  Fitz and the Tantrums concert on Friday night and then going up to Vancouver, B.C. to cheer on Bryan’s friend in half marathon
  • August 17-18th:  Bryan’s parents visiting, company picnic, probably day fishing trip
  • August 24-25th:  Banks Lake boating weekend with friends
  • August 31-September 2nd:  Labor Day…Bumbershoot Music Festival, volunteering and attending
  • September 7-8th:  Parents visiting…Mt. Rainier, Bainbridge, etc.
  • September 14-15th:  SEAW picnic I’m planning on Saturday but otherwise free
  • September 21-22nd:  In Colorado for a wedding
  • September 28-29th:  FREE!


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