Hot and Not


  • Fresh produce (lettuce and snap peas so far) from my garden, we are about to have more romaine than we know what to do with
  • New American Eagle wedges LOVE em…but boy do they hurt
  • Finding out that season 6 is not the last season for Mad Men but that we actually have another season to watch!!
  • Free outdoor lunch concerts downtown Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays!!!
  • Actually went shopping
  • Scooter battery working again and got my tired fix so it holds air again…promising to fix up my scooter…first step: buy a new trunk for it
  • Chocolate frosted flakes and Breyers Reeses Blast for the ultimate winning nighttime snack combo with the boy
  • Identity Thief from Redbox…actually hilarious
  • I now watch my stocks and mutual funds on a daily basis…but now I feel like I know what I am doing with my money and it is paying off!!!
  • Ewelina and Stephan are back at hosting dinners (or at least had one) in part to thank me for mine
  • A thunderstorm in Seattle on Tuesday night!!!
  • Getting free tickets to a standup comedy show at the Paramount on Saturday night and taking my girls (Polly, Tina and Polly’s friend Lauren).  Jim Gaffigan was super funny and surprisingly very VERY clean which I enjoyed
  • Yelp Elite Improv Comedy Night with free wine and cocktails on Friday
  • TBM Bertha at the viaduct project had its grand “opening” ceremony on Saturday
  • First time using my roasting pan and I love it…love that it is easy clean up
  • Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison = great read


  • Vanilla Chex (way too sweet and powdery)
  • Seattle temps (its was cool when we first got back, now it is back to being nice)
  • American Eagle weird tie-dye pink pants and tank top = returning
  • Trying not to let my non-promotion bother me…especially when colleagues got theirs
  • Cookie Crisp cereal (cardboardy and flavorless)
  • I thought the new roommate was taking up all of the refrigerator space…then found out it was Polly
  • Worked on the railroad job until 2 am on a Friday night (saw a few mice)
  • Passed up a 50% off everything in the Coach Outlet store sale
  • Getting to move back to the 1st Ave office…but not given a date yet meaning it will not be anytime soon
  • The risky co-op/condo that was my favorite on Queen Anne Ave. is back on the market with a price lowered 70k to 109k…too tempting but probably too risky
  • Absolutely zero rain means having to water a lot
  • Getting a really good sound bar from Woot.com for a steal…then finding out I needed an audio receiver and cables to hook it up (but got a deal on an audio receiver from Craigslist)


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