Chelsea’s Top Ten of June (Before July is Over)

  1. Girls Night Out.  Not only did I get to enjoy an awesome and free night out in one of Fremont’s newest restaurants but I got to enjoy it with my girls.  So excited to have several girlfriends to do girly things with in the months to come.
  2. First Oyster.  Had my first oysters and loved them.  As an undeclared foodie this is milestone.  Those huge Pacific NW oysters were so delicious on the grill…just don’t give me a raw one.

    Grilled oysters with herby topping.
    Grilled oysters with herby topping.
  3. Tom Douglas Salmon Dinner.  This year not only did I get to enjoy Tom Douglas’ salmon dinner in the park but I got to volunteer with him, meet him, shake his hand, and then sit and eat with him.  The food was perhaps the best meal I’ve had in a while (and that says a lot) and the dude is just so cool.  Good cause too!!

    Wearing a Tigers shirt I was asked a few times if the D stood for "Douglas"...oh Seattle
    Wearing a Tigers shirt I was asked a few times if the D stood for “Douglas”…oh Seattle
  4. Hot Weather.  Seattle got its first 90 degree day of the summer and lingered for a time too.  It was hot and delightful and I reveled in it in all my new shorts, skirts, and dresses that I no longer worry about showing off.
  5. Outdoor Yoga.  If I did my lists in matter of importance this would be near the top.  I had been in such a slump with yoga lately but this has just kicked that slump in the rump.  I’ve attended several outdoor yoga classes in just the past few weeks; each with beautiful weather and each with beautiful surroundings.  Yoga is spiritual and serene and nature is just such a better venue for it than even the best studio.  I’ve even held my own session outdoors for just me.

    Class outside = the greatest ever!!
    Class outside = the greatest ever!!
  6. Finishing My T-Shirt Quilt.  This was a very big project for me, one that taught me a new skill (sewing machine), cost a wee bit, took a large amount of patience and precision, and one that is now a great keepsake and piece of art.  Now I just need a guest bed for it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  7. Richland Visit.  This was a good little weekend getaway for Bryan and I and I got to visit a friend and the Richland wineries.  We ate well, drank well, and visited Rainier National Park.
  8. Mad Men Lebanese Dinner.  I was in my element and would host it again in a heartbeat.  Everything came out really well and all of my guests enjoyed it.

    My first plate.
    My first plate.
  9. SEAW Social Chair.  I have commenced my reign as SEAW Young Members Forum Social Chair for the 2013-2014 year.  I hosted my first happy hour and it was a success with good food and several attendees.  I have all worked on the budget a bit and started planning events for the coming year.  Too much fun for me!!
  10. Farestart Alice in Wonderland Dinner.  This was such a fun event and so much fun to be apart of.  I continue to like Farestart and its mission more and more and this was just plain fun.  Eccentric food, awesome costumes, a fun-loving chef, and a full house!
The Queen of Hearts herself.
The Queen of Hearts herself.

I love summer!!!


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