Garden Update – June

June has just flown by so quickly I haven’t been able to do a good job keeping up with the progress of my garden.  Oh boy, has there been progress.  With so much sun and some light rains sprinkled throughout I’ve been quite a hands-off gardener, not having to water and generally not having to do much.

I did try to space my romaine lettuces that were growing too close together and am afraid that I killed most of them by not watering them right away.  Some managed to stick around though and I have faith those ones will be extra delicious.

Glorious romaine
Glorious romaine

My snap peas were growing so fast and lanky I finally had to put some support cages around them to make sure they are growing up and not on the floor because they are no longer able to support themselves with their weight, especially when they start sprouting pea pods.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My rosemary is generally unruly and large and Bryan absolutely LOVES using it when he seasons steaks.  He even gave David a lesson on seasoning steaks the other weekend.

And more varieties of lettuces are growing nicely and Mikayla’s summer squash plants are still amazing me!

Mesclun mix
Mesclun mix
Mikayla's huge squash
Mikayla’s huge squash


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