Uber Review

I have multiple options of transportation these days:

  1. Bus
  2. Bike
  3. Chaperoned by Bryan
  4. Walk
  5. Taxi

But there is a new method in town that I have heard much talk about and that is a thing called Uber.  Uber is a service similar to a taxi but much more preferable.  Now most people can have the Uber app on their phone, open it up, it finds their location and gives an estimate of the nearest driver.  For me I use a website, enter my address, pick the vehicle I want (black car or SUV) and then it gives me an estimate of when the driver will be there to pick you up.  It then texts you that ETA and then gives you another text when the driver has arrived.

Email receipt 1
Email receipt 1

My account stores my mobile number to send me the texts and a credit card on file.  You never have to pay the driver and you aren’t supposed to tip so it is supposed to be cheaper than taking a taxi.  For the 18th-20th Uber is free for any ride under $20 and I took advantage of that coming to work today.  I wanted to try it out and needed to get to work early because I need to take off early.  The total ride was an easy 15 minutes, the car was clean and comfortable, the driver was courtesy, and I just got in and got out with a greeting and a farewell, no reaching for the wallet.  I loved Uber and would definitely take it home from the bar with or without friends anytime!!

Email receipt 2
Email receipt 2

Uber for the win…and for me the next two days!!!!!!!!


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