I have had the worst time getting to sleep at night.  I toss and turn and my mind is just racing.  I’m not stressed about anything, I’m not sick, I’m not drinking coffee at 8 pm (okay I did once).  I have the case of homesick/nostalgic excitement.

I CANNOT WAIT TO GO HOME FOR THE 4TH OF JULY!!!cottage1 cottage2 cottage3

Cannot wait.  I just have all of this excitement that is building up to see my family, be at the cottage, water ski and be super active, eat nostalgic food, have campfires, ride in the boat, see my friends, be in Ann Arbor, be on vacation.  I also think that this time more than ever I have high expectations because I am so excited to share my home, childhood, and experiences with Bryan.  I am also very excited for everyone to meet him.  This is very important to me because my home and family are very important to me.  I think they both speak a lot for who I have become and until seeing that in person one has a hard time reasoning a person out.  This I learned from our trip to Arizona.

Furthermore, I am really excited for my friends and family to see me happy.  I feel like it has been a long time coming that I am truly happy again and I think that is very evident now more than anytime before.  I want to share this with them and I want to be there happy.  I can also attribute a lot of this happiness to Bryan so it is even better that he will be there for this trip.

Until then I will continue fantasizing about water skiing, fishing, boating, crab boil, biking, tennis, frisbee golf, card games, fires, guitar listening, walks around the lake, Traverse City, jet skiing, seeing Claire, seeing Nisa, Soup Spoon Cafe, Lebanese, waffle breakfast, Ann Arbor……………………………..and maybe I will figure out how to sleep until then.


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