Do You Feel My Pain?

I hope not.  I am finally back in the land of the living after spending nearly a week suffering some awful symptoms from an infection.  For days I had aches, fever, chills, sweats, stomach pain, back pain, and low appetite.  Fortunately (or unfortunately for me) these symptoms striked hardest last week at night so they didn’t really interfere with me at work.

However, once the weekend came they all came at me with their 200%.  After spending Saturday in a dramatic progression from “not well” to “really awful” Bryan took me to Urgent Care in lower Queen Anne where I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and prescribed antibiotics to fight this one quick.  We went at the right moment because even during my 30 minute doctor visit I think the actual pain in my kidneys doubled or tripled.  Once home with meds I was able to start recovering with a lot of rest and a lot of Netflix.

All of Sunday I mostly slept, not really able to sit up right and not able to keep my eyes open.  Knowing me and how beautiful it has been since Saturday I was fed up and took my blanket outside in a state of delirium and then passed out there sleeping for two hours in the sun (which Bryan really does not approve of) but I thought the suns rays felt like little gentle massagers on my sore body.  I spent all of Sunday and Monday watching the second season of the Killing, which is so fantastic and set in Seattle, I absolutely love it!!!  I ate a lot of pudding, a lot of grilled hot dogs, a lot of bananas, and a lot of ice cream.  It definitely has not been the best diet. Bryan did bring me Thai from the Fish Cake Factory on Monday night and that was my first real meal in a while.

Tuesday I decided to test my energy levels by going to the SEAW Seismic Design workshop that I had signed up for already, knowing that it was over at 1 pm and I could go home after that if I wasn’t feeling very well (or go home at any time for that matter).  I’m glad I went.  For four hours I got some great information on designs pretty relevant to what I am designing right now at work.  I could just sit there in the dark room.  I got fed a really great buffet lunch (at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown) which helped with my energy to fight the infection.  And I did just leave for home after the workshop.  Tuesday afternoon I did some weeding in my garden and FINISHED the front side of my t-shirt quilt (took me hours though).

I am feeling immensely better and am now back at work and the sun is still shining and the high for the day is still in the 70s.  I am so happy to be back!!!


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