Bike to Work Status

From our Company’s Site:

Bike to Work Month


May is National Bike Month and bike to work month in Seattle. Organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club, the “Commute Challenge” invites friendly competition between teams and individuals throughout Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region. This year Jacobs Associates’ offices have three teams the “Green Bananas” the “Distended East End” and the “JA Jammers.” The “Green Bananas” are led by Captain Dave Lily; team members include Steve Morales, Thomas Pallua, Carl Williams, Luke Erickson, Pete Jacobchuk and Bryan Duevel. The “Distended East End” includes captain Don Reid, Paul Mockus, Carol Ravano, Rick Smith, Andrew Engel, Dan Adams, Frank Pita and Chelsea Snodgrass. Also teamed up in our San Francisco office we have the “JA Jammers” led by captain Seth McGinnis, Keith Abey, Shawn Paroline and Tom Pennington. In a little over a week of riding, the teams have taken to the streets and ridden almost 800 miles.

You can follow the progress here athttp://commutechallenge.cascade.org/organizations/3841/jacobs-associates/and learn more about National Bike Month at the Cascade Bicycle Club website http://www.cbcef.org/btw/cc.html.


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