Online Shopping Updates

My habits have slowed but have yet to come to a standstill.  Recently I have been focusing attention on necessities (cough cough).  Here are my recent purchases:

  • Two bracelets from Groopdealz

    Rope and metal bracelets in black and silver.
    Rope and metal bracelets in black and silver.
  • New bike!!!!!!!!  I actually really love it.  I was worried about it being too big but I can stand over it (just barely) and I really love riding it!

    Brand new commuter road bike that I can't wait for.
    Brand new commuter road bike that I can’t wait for.
  • About to order these bartender glasses from World Market for Mad Men nights.

    Classic tumblers.
    Classic tumblers.
  • I also bought 5 shares of General Mills stock.
  • I bought a helmet, bike light, and $150 gift card to Recycled Cycles in Fremont from a girl on Craigslist…for my new bike.
  • A spontaneous order from American Eagle, of who I have not tried on their clothes or shopped at for a few years but they had a good sale and discount going on.  I really lucked out on what I bought and that EVERYTHING actually fits me.

    Skinny jeans, pink shorts, two pairs of shoes.
    Skinny jeans, pink shorts, cover up for work, blue striped shirt, two pairs of shoes.
  • And on the end from my past purchases I have so far made pretty good use of them already.  I have used my cheap serving platters for two Mad Men meals and used my wok at the last Mad Men Asian-themed dinner.  I am still waiting to use my mini casserole pans and my mini cast iron pan and roasting rack.
  • I’ve worn the pink dress and the blue dress (Bryan loved the blue dress even though it is super simple and not revealing) as well as the shirt (but I guess I got the shirt in blue not green, should have gotten it in green).
  • I also continue buying Groupons and such like it is going out of style…at least Bryan finally admitted he liked that I get those.


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