NYE Resolution Progress

I’m trying to refocus my attention on some of resolutions as this time of year I start to forget about them and a few could use a little refocusing!

Resolution #1:  Yoga at least once a week.

I had been doing so well on this but lately not as much.  I think its harder with the nicer weather out and I have also been traveling quite a bit so I haven’t been able to do my normal class.  But at the same time I should start doing my own gentle yoga at night from time to time as it is a great way to gently unwind from my day and there is honestly no where better to do yoga than on my own private balcony taking in the sights of the city! 

Resolution #2:  Get to work earlier.

Ha.  This has been horrendous lately. I blame it on sickness lately, either myself or the boy has been sick and when one doesn’t feel like getting up the other doesn’t either.  I have been rolling in at 9 am and that has got to get better soon.  I think when I get my bike and start biking in I’ll get up and going faster.  Also with the nicer weather I need to get in earlier so I can get out earlier!!  Today was a big improvement and both of us our on the same page with this resolution again.

Resolution #3:  Social meals at least once a week.

This is still going very, very well for me.  My friends that were doing weekly dinners had suspended them but then they threw a great grill out this past week and my Mad Men dinners, Easter, and St. Patty’s were able to make up for them.  I have also been taking advantage of expiring Groupon’s with Bryan left and right so we have had the opportunity to go out and share some great meals together.  It’s actually been a really long time since I have had dinner on my own!

Resolution #4:  Perform self care activities regularly

This could also use a little work and am going to focus on that this weekend.  I have spent zero time painting my nails, listening to jazz, or other general self-care activities.  I’ve gotten lazy with this but putting a kabosh on that right now!  I painted my nails the other night and have worn skirts two days in a row now.


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