Chelsea’s Top Ten of April

  1. Breaking Bad.  This show is so addicting   We had already seen most of the shows but just finished watching the first half of the last season (Season 5) and are ready for the final episodes this summer.  breakingbad
  2. Las Vegas.  April was my first time setting foot in Las Vegas and although I went there not knowing if I would like it or not, I loved it!  But I really just loved spending time with my mom.  But I loved our hotel and the beach, I loved the casinos and shops, I loved coming out $50 ahead, I loved the restaurants and the buffet, and I especially loved the shows.  I want to go back already!

    Mom and I dressed up classy
    Mom and I dressed up classy
  3. Mad Men Nights.  These are back in full swing and I love hosting them.  It is more fun, and more help, with Polly now being just as gung-ho about them. We’ve had two and both were great, first classic 60s dinner and then Asian-inspired.  As far as episodes the last two episodes were better than the premiere, we also had a smaller group, and my TV makes it!mad men2
  4. Brussel Sprouts.  The season is almost over for this beloved vegetable of mine.  I don’t honestly know why I love them so much but I do, and this year more than ever.  Thankfully many restaurants in Seattle have these babies on their menu, at least during the winter, and I try to get them whenever I can.  The boy still doesn’t have an affection for them so I can’t really cook them.  Polly does!!brussels
  5. The Dalles, OR. Speaking of Polly I loved the weekend I got to spend with her in her hometown in Oregon.  Our weekend was eventful and fun but the best part was getting to know one another better.  I am definitely super thankful for having her in Seattle and as a housemate, Bryan says he is very thankful for her too, for me.  Plus the weekend presented a beer flight, a wine tasting, a petting zoo, a cherry farm, a town parade, a live band, a Catholic mass, and Voodoo donuts!!???????????????????????????????
  6. Easter.  I love holidays and I love having enough good friends to not feel completely homesick.  I also love hosting and this year I got to host and be with my friends for this great holiday.  We had gorgeous weather, went to church and played our first game of tennis this year.  We dyed eggs, we watched a movie, and we ate…a lot of really good food cooked by myself and all of my friends.  It was perfect!easter
  7. One Last Great Ski Day.  The best day of skiing this year came in APRIL!  Jeff, Bryan, and I went for our last day of skiing on the last weekend of the year at Steven’s Pass and had the best powder snow we could have asked for.  It was somewhat of a surprise and great fun.spring-skiing
  8. Mariners vs. Tigers Game.  Bryan, Mark and Jeff attended the Mariners vs. the Tigers game with me for all of our first game of the season.  We had a great sunny, clear night, the Tigers won, and I got my beloved Camion tacos beforehand.marinersvstigers
  9. Jersey Boys.  Bryan and I absolutely loved this musical.  It was fun getting dressed up, the 5th Avenue Theater is a nice place and the 2.5 hour show kept up entertained the whole time.jersey boys
  10. Zucchini Fries from Burger Bar.  This might have been the single most memorable thing that I have eaten the entire month.  I have eaten a lot of really good food but man were these babies so good, so piping hot and fresh, perfectly seasoned, non-oily, and I had my mom to talk to over them.  And like $3.50!!zucchini fries


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