Chelsea’s Top Ten of March

  1. American Horror Story.  This show is awesome!!  Though we have only spent three nights watching the series on Netflix we can’t stop once we start and are nearly down with Season 1 It is sick and twisted and I can see why it was one of the top rated shows of 2011.american horror story
  2. Veggie Grill.  This is a West Coast chain that is vegetarian but man is it good.  Their fake meats all taste fantastic and like the real deal, their salad, sandwiches, plates, and desserts that I’ve tried are all fantastic.  And oh baby those “sweetheart” fries as they call them!  They are really trying to establish themselves in Seattle and I have reserved two spots for a free corporate lunch for my company to try them out.  They provided a whole slew of delicious eats and even a stack of free entree cards to come in their store and try them.  Those expire on the 16th so you can imagine I plan on frequently visiting them.veggiegrill
  3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I’m just taking a break from the chocolate and peanut butter cereal fix.  It will be back I’m sure.cinnamon toast crunch
  4. March Madness.  I have never enjoyed the tournament as much.  I just wish I could watch it with Dad and Chad at Damon’s!!  Go Blue!goblue
  5. “Almost” Weekly Dinners with Marika.  Marika and I have managed to do dinner about every other Monday since Amy has left.  It works well for us because it follows right after my appointments on Monday and each of us has a restaurant coupon/voucher expiring that needs to be used up.  It’s great to be able to talk to her about relationships, work, social, etc…just like Amy.
  6. Arizona trip.  Obviously any vacation should rank up there but this one was really fantastic.  I needed a break from work and the Seattle weather and Arizona was perfect for that.  I got plenty of sunshine, some exercise, and a lot of social interaction with people who are close to B and could end up being close to me.

    Stacey and Justin are really awesome!
    Stacey and Justin are really awesome!
  7. Hiking the Grand Canyon.  Easily the highlight of the trip for me.  The 12-mile hike was both intense and beautiful.  My body felt really great doing it and I felt like I had really knocked off a “Must Do” in my life’s To Do list.  Having some snacks at Plateau Point at the bottom was breathtakingly beautiful and really rejuvenating.

  8. My new TV.  Seriously!  I don’t like it for the fact that I am watching more TV, because I think the only reason I am watching more TV is because of March Madness but I love it for what else it provides.  I needed this TV more for entertaining friends than anything.  It has already made movies more fun and I can’t wait for Mad Men nights.  Plus it has instantly drawn everyone to the main room of the house, which was severely underused until I got the TV.  We should be spending all of our time in that room (unless you have my bedroom!).

    My new baby!
    My new baby!
  9. Weekly Thursday night dinners with friends.  I never thought Thursday would become my favorite day of the week but it might now be.  I absolutely love having a dinner with some of my best friends in Seattle every single week at the exact same time.  There is always a delicious dinner, always a lot of great wine and beer, and always great dinner conversation.  For an average of 3 hours we (generally 6-8 of us) eat and talk and get to know each other better.  I’ve only helped cook one dinner (at Bryan’s apartment) because of my other dinners I have so it’s nice letting others cook for me.friends
  10. Becoming a Yelp Elite member.  Now that Google Plus is fizzling out my secret member events will be coming through the form of Yelp.  I got my Yelp Elite welcoming email a few weeks ago and so far have only attended on event but it sure was a blast.  Nerf wars was classic and unforgettable.  I am looking forward to future events to keep me entertained and on my toes.

yelp eliteChelsea

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