Holidays and Half Tos

Do I really have to go back to work?  That is what I asked myself all my short week long.  And it dragged on because of it.  Wednesday after hopping off the train and onto the light rail I headed to work, said goodbye to Bryan after spending so much time together, threw down my bag at work and headed to Berliner Doner because I was hangry.  I tried their mango curry doner this time with the lamb/chicken combo on their fladenbrot and it helped greet me back into Seattle.  So did the cooler weather, clouds, and moisture in the air; everything was slightly refreshing.

Mango curry Berliner doner with lamb and chicken.  Yummy in my tummy!!!!
Mango curry Berliner doner with lamb and chicken. Yummy in my tummy!!!!

Thursday our friends greeted us back with the usual Thursday night dinner at Stepalina’s (coined name for Stephan and Ewelina’s apartment).  We had a Mexican fiesta of pulled chicken and vegetable tacos, guac, salsas, and patatas bravas, with fruit salad and ice cream for dessert.  We spent hours at the dinner table eating and talking and the time spent there was much enjoyed.

Friday I watched Michigan win their Sweet Sixteen game in a buzzer beater, super spectacular win against Kansas.  The weekend brought a bounty of Easter and spring sunshine and warm weather, reaching into the 70s both Saturday and Sunday.  I took advantage of the warm weather by gardening, riding my scooter, going on a short 2-mile run, and playing tennis with Bryan.  I also managed to iron my cut out t-shirts onto the fusible fabric for my t-shirt quilt and ordered my next craft online.

michigan vs. kansas michigan vs. florida

Easter Sunday brought a great church service, a smashing against Florida to send UM to the Final Four, and then a lovely Easter dinner cooked by me and helped along by all of my wonderful friends.  I had 11 guests over for dinner, a 12 lb ham baked with brown sugar, additions of a labor intensive Easter bread (like challah), prosciutto wrapped asparagus, roasted potatoes, candied carrots, pasta salad, baked macaroni and cheese, a green salad with walnuts and apples, and a cucumber salad.  The ham was raved about and there are leftovers aplenty.

My brown sugar ham came out well!
My brown sugar ham came out well!
As did my homemade strawberry shortcakes.
As did my homemade strawberry shortcakes.

Before dinner everyone was hanging out on the deck in the sunshine, dying eggs, listening to records, and catching up.  The food took up all of the dinner table so we all made plates and ate outside (girls at the patio table and boys sitting on the steps).  After dinner we had my strawberry shortcake (homemade shortcakes with help of Bryan and whipped cream), coffee, tea, and this deadly cookies, brownie, reeses bars freshly baked and brought up by Mikayla and her mom and sister visiting to round out the meal.  Polly requested to end the Easter night watching Kung Fu Hustle which was actually really enjoyed by everyone.  I am so happy to have that TV this year and friends who don’t mind (and actually like) contributing to dinner now that our numbers are in the double digits.

Aside from work my first week back was rather delightful!


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