By March 1st…2014

Recently the boy got me thinking about how I like to have goals and inspiration to tackle (I was actually looking out for him) and that mine are very basic right now.  I gave him an assignment one Sunday night to make a list of everything that he wants to do/visit/accomplish/make by March 1st of next.  His list was…interesting, and of course his list inevitably requires me to participate.  I made the same task for myself and here is what I came up with.  I like it a lot!

To Do By March 1st, 2014:

  • Travel to Arizona
  • Travel to New Zealand
  • Learn to sail
  • Group waterski/boat trip
  • Backpack in two mountain ranges
  • Participate in at least one race (looking at mud runs right now, aka something fun)
  • One overnight bike ride
  • Finish t-shirt quilt
  • Join and participate in a book club
  • Find a volunteer activity
  • Visit Vegas
  • Give a brown bag presentation at work
  • Visit 10 restaurants off of my Go-To list
  • Complete a cross-stitch project (I have a pattern picked out just need my set)
  • Weekend in Vancouver
  • Trip to San Juan Islands
  • Master homemade pizza
  • Have friends try Chinese hotpot
  • See Tamara

Totally fun and totally manageable!!  Happy Friday!!


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