And like that Amy is gone…no longer living in Seattle, no longer working at my office, no longer a five minute drive away.  Tears!

We had a good last few days.  After raiding her pantry on Monday night with Polly and bringing home six bags of grocery items and cleaning supplies we had her over for a night sharing my bed.  On her night with us we grilled ribeyes and had one last great dinner together (plus the B-dawg) and then watched Silver Linings Playbook once Polly got home (loved the movie!!).

silver linings

Wednesday was her last day in the office and I actually spent most of the day with her being trained on the tasks of hers that I will be taking over in the next few months.  Do I have time to???  I don’t think so but we will see.   A friend graciously brought me Ping’s Dumplings for lunch, knowing my slight sadness.  I love dumplings!!  Wednesday night I had to say my tearful goodbye. I recovered with my weekly yoga session followed by another great dinner at Ewelina and Stephan’s house.  This time it was a small group of just E&S, me and B and Philipp.  I appreciated the smaller group in getting to know them better.  We had pulled BBQ beef, mashed potatoes, and salad.                     .

Pork dumplings.
Pork dumplings.
Soup dumplings.
Soup dumplings.

We are getting out of town…Baker Mountain and National Forest.  We have two reserved hotel rooms in the Holiday Inn Express in Bellingham, WA for the eight friends and plan to relax tonight in he hot tub and maybe hit the local brewery and head out to the Baker slopes tomorrow.  Just a quick weekend getaway but I have yet to ski Baker.  All I have heard about it is that there is always a ton of snow!  I did backpack here though.  Off to hit the slopes!


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