Funds Frozen

…but it sure won’t look like it with the way I have spent money this week.  The trouble is I bought a TV last Sunday, pricey dinner last Saturday night, and now I can’t get my bank to help with the Whistler scam so I had set it in my mind that I was NOT going to be spending money anytime soon.  Hmmph.  Didn’t work out.

Monday night I had a great and much needed dinner out with my friend and coworker Marika.  I’ve told her that I NEED to start seeing her and having dinner or drinks on a more consistent (weekly?) basis like I have done with Amy, once Amy is gone.  Marika listens, she relates, I listen to her, I relate to her, we are both supportive, we are both honest, I’m really grateful that she will still be here to share that with.  We dined at Eva Restaurant up in Tangletown (Green Lake), shared two courses and a glass of wine, and had a great meal and lovely conversation.

Amazing scallops with greens and super creamy white beans.
Amazing scallops with greens and super creamy white beans.
Stewed Persian leg of lamb with apricots, prunes, walnuts, potatoes, and parsley.  I love sweet sauces with rich meats.
Stewed Persian leg of lamb with apricots, prunes, walnuts, potatoes, and parsley. I love sweet sauces with rich meats.

Tuesday night I had an SEAW dinner meeting on the Hanford Nuclear Waste Treatment Centers, which located in Richland, WA.  The talk was very interesting, my tablemates were friendly and talkative, and the dinner (being at a new venue…the Hotel Monaco) was soooooooooooo good.  A very, very good meal of a delicious salad, big juicy pork loin chops with sauteed brussels and carrots and mashed potatoes, and plates of various cookies.  I approve the new venue for food and location alone.

Wednesday I spent the day at a Woodworkd Wood Solutions Fair at the Conference Center downtown.  I will leave the details of this day’s events to another post and you will see why.  I can just tell you that though I was sitting in hour-long seminars from 8am until 5pm I got a lot out of it.  The Conference Center is also really nice and provided fruit, pastries, and coffee for breakfast, a delicious lunch of a wedge salad, a quarter grilled chicken with a creamy sauce and couscous pilaf, and dessert squares, and finished us off with a snack break in the afternoon of cookies, pretzels and sodas (all for free, Woodworks in a non-profit organization).  Despite my mood when leaving the seminar I got dressed up to go out for drinks and bar snacks at Seattle’s best-known restaurant, Canlis, and top 100 restaurants in the US, overlooking Lake Union.  I got the best cocktail ever (better be for $16) which was the second-to-last on their light to dark cocktail menu (I like dark drinks) and we shared plates of beef tenderloin teriyaki bites over a broccoli puree (so good) and a bowl full of truffle fries.  It was Amy, Eric, Bryan and myself and the cool piano player playing old and new hits while we lounged and took in the beautiful and old restaurant and view.

Most iconic restaurant in Seattle maybe
Most iconic restaurant in Seattle maybe


Delicious teriyaki tenderloin bites on top of pureed broccoli.
Delicious teriyaki tenderloin bites on top of pureed broccoli.
Yum...truffle frites at Canlis
Yum…truffle frites at Canlis

Thursday I got to yoga.  First time since the Whistler ski trip and I needed to stretch out.  Felt good.  I then met up with friends at Ewelina’s house for her weekly dinner with friends.  I had a great glass of Pinot Noir to go with the excellent Polish dinner of salad, a beef and mushroom stew (delish and reminded me of Gma), buckwheat, and clementines and dark chocolate for dessert.  Yummy!!

Friday I had a Meetup happy hour at Gordon Biersch.  First time in a long time since I have been able to help out with one of these.  It was fun mingling, drinking, and noshing on their supplied tapas.  Saturday and Sunday were mostly lazy as I tried to relax and save money.  I spent one last girl’s night at Amy’s making chicken fingers, chatting and watching tv.  Sunday I went to yoga, then church, then picked up delicious curry chicken soup at Met Market before settling into the victorious win over MSU on my new TV.  Bryan and I went back over to Ewelina’s and Stephan’s for another great dinner of Asian foods.  Vegetables with black bean sauce, thai shrimp with noodles, sesame broccoli, and potstickers.  Soooooooooo yummy once again and quickly becoming our favorite group of people in Seattle.

Now it is back to work with a ton to do, lots on my to do list outside of work, Amy leaving this week, the sun is out and glorious, feels like spring, and my friend brought me an iced coffee for no reason at all today at work!!


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