Whistler Winddown

Ahhh, endorphins are running high this week.  After three full days of skiing I feel happy, spirited and sore.  We had a great weekend in Whistler, spending time with friends and skiing to our heart’s content.  Whistler is indeed amazing.

Our car arrived at 10 pm on Friday night to a welcoming crowd who had already settled into our weekend condo in Whistler Village.  The condo ended up working just fine for our group, providing enough space for air beds, enough plates and silverware, and enough cozy space for our group of 16!!  We had a warm gas fireplace to enjoy, managed to share two bathrooms without a problem and took turns cooking, making drinks, and doing the dishes.  It was a group effort 100%.

We had continental breakfasts for two days and Bryan made pancakes and eggs for the group the third morning.  Ewelina and I jointly made both dinners; pulled pork sandwiches, salad and macaroni and cheese for Saturday night and chicken and sausage gumbo, red beans and rice, salad, and delicious bread pudding for Sunday night.  Stephan did a good job making Whiskey and Cokes and Sazeracs for the group, plus we were fully stocked with beer and wine.  Lunches were enjoyed in both small and large groups in one of the many lodges on the mountains.  My lunches included a delightfully warming African peanut and yam soup one day, a chicken and artichoke wrap and Mediterranean salad another day, and heartwarming shrimp pho a third day. Plus I always sit next to Amy to eat all share her fries.  We spent Saturday night post-dinner at the Dub Linh Gate Pub again for their awesome live music and we spent Sunday night in wearing Mardi Gras masks and beads with New Orleans jazz on the speakers in honor of my friend Amy and her departure from the USA.  I think she really enjoyed that.

Awesome peak-to-peak gondola ride from Whistler to Blackcomb.
Awesome peak-to-peak gondola ride from Whistler to Blackcomb.
Boys scouting the run
Boys scouting the run

We managed to stick in groups well, without the use of cell phones (Canadian roaming charges argh) we would set meeting locations and times for lunch and did quite well.  And even considering how large Whistler Blackcomb is it is surprisingly easy to run into those you know, especially when your group has their preferences for runs, lifts, and bowls of the mountains.  I always feel like my skiing improves immensely after a weekend in Whistler.  My confidence in my skills are way up and I feel inspired and excited for more, though ready for a break as well.

My time on the mountain looked like this:

Saturday:  Skied all day on Whistler Mountain.  Spent some good time on Harmony Ridge and Symphony Bowl where the better snow seemed to be.  Skied the whole time with Mark and Amy (before Amy went in early).  Mark and I accidentally found ourselves on a Double Black Diamond.  Had one pretty good wipe-out and a black eye thanks to my ski goggles.

Sunday:  Skied all morning with Amy and Mark on Blackcomb Mountain on the 7th Heaven Chair.  It took forever to get there via the Whistler Gondola and then the awesome Peak-to-Peak Gondola, which is the longest span in North America.  Lunched the three of us and then Mark and I headed to the infamous Blackcomb Glacier.  Unfortunately the snow picked up so much you could not see 10 ft in front of you, for ability to ski and ability to take in the beauty of it.  Fortunately I felt much more comfortable skiing this glacier than last year.  Ran into Bryan, David, and Jeff half through the 7.5 mile run and skied the rest of the afternoon with them.

Post conquering Blackcomb Glacier...well I still had a 5 mile run ahead of me but the hard part was over.
Post conquering Blackcomb Glacier…well I still had a 5 mile run ahead of me but the hard part was over.

Monday:  Skied with the remaining group (a few headed back to Seattle in the morning).  Skied other areas of Symphony Bowl on Whistler and then headed with Mark and Bryan to ski the longest run of the mountain, Peak to Creek.  Exhaustingly long, awesome run.  Lunched with the group and then asked to ski an afternoon by myself, challenging myself with a mogully course.  Thighs burning, met up with the group to drive back exhausted and happy to Seattle.

Traversing got us stuck
Traversing got us stuck
Stephan and Ewelina watching those get stuck.
Stephan and Ewelina watching those get stuck.
Some snow.
Some snow.


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