Around Town

This weekend was wonderfully spent in town…or at least around town.  Eventful but relaxing.  To and fro from haze to sun.


Dinner at Pies and Pints with the boy in Roosevelt and then a great University of Oregon sextet performing at Lucid Lounge.  Didn’t realize it had been since my mom was here that we had been to Lucid.  Great sweet potato fries before, great Jack Sparrow drink (black rum + Frangelico + benedictine = fabulous!) during, great trumpet player throughout.

Steak and mushroom pie with some awesome sweet potato fries!!! @Pies and Pints
Steak and mushroom pie with some awesome sweet potato fries!!! @Pies and Pints


Multiple errands were completed:  got a brand NEW rain jacket from Patagonia thanks to their awesome warranty for a whopping $25 (new jacket retails at $249), watch battery replaced, eyebrows done, new cropped blazer from H&M, few groceries.  Picked up Amy from NZ, cooked dinner, painted nails, headed out to Shelter Lounge in Ballard for friend/coworker Lynette’s birthday party.  Great music always at this place!


Church with Marika, lazy afternoon, fantabulous dinner at Black Bottle with Philipp, Amy, Mikayla, Polly, and Bryan with an assortment of shared plates and a glass of Cab before attending the Music Man at the 5th Avenue Theater (for FREE!) with Luis and Stephan.  So dinner…wow!  I’ve been wanting to visit this Belltown jaunt since last Valentine’s day.  I love places with a plentiful menu of small plates to share (like tapas or List).  Their menu is broken done by Meat, Seafoods, Vegetables, and Flatbreads.  I was so happy everyone was in a sharing mood as I got to try most everything I would want to on their menu.  Items included:


  • house-smoked wild boar ribs
  • lamb meatballs and sumac hummus
  • natural hanger steak and daikon/shiso
  • malbec demi-glazed oxtail

hanger steak boar ribs oxtail lamb meatballs


  • bacon lemon scallops | frizzled kale



  • roasted vegetables verjus
  • broccoli blasted
  • date pepper mushroom sauté on grilled greek cheese

roasted vegetables grilled halloumi broccoli blasted


  • fresh arugula fresh tomato basil pesto
  • prosciutto and bechamel


Everything was sooooo good, I tried everything, and I left stuffed.  We absolutely LOVED the Music Man.  I’ve never known the story or the characters but of course I recognized every single song.  The storyline was great, the music was great, and now I know where Dad’s “trouble in River City” phrase came from.  Plus it’s fun getting dressed up (LBD and red high heels and getting the smokey eye down) and I like that Bryan enjoys these just as much as I do!

music man


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