For 2013…

2013 is here and wants me to get moving already.  There are many things that I am looking forward to in this seemingly unlucky numbered year and I am so excited.  Take a peek:

  • UM Ski Day on 1/19
  • JA Ski Day on 2/4
  • Seahawks potential contenders for the Super Bowl
  • Whistler Weekend with 14 people 2/15-2/18
  • Wedding and vacation in AZ 3/20-3/25
  • Possible wedding in TX 4/5-4/7
  • Las Vegas trip with Mom 4/19-4/21?
  • Sailing lessons in the summer with Bryan (my xmas gift from him)
  • Possible sailing boatshare with friends for the summer and trips to Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island, and the San Juan Islands
  • Vacation to the cottage with Bryan 7/3-7/10
  • Mad Men starting up again at some point
  • Visit from Mom and Dad sometime in September
  • Hopeful for Fitz and the Tantrums new album to come out
  • Working on and finishing my t-shirt quilt
  • Continuing my cooking dinners once a week with the boy


Plus so many other things that await me in this new year.  So many more restaurants I want to dine at, so many more bars to check out, comedy shows, concerts, movies, weekend vacations, hikes, dinner parties, etc.  I can’t wait…and best yet to continue to feel good and enjoy all of the above!!!


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