Real World

Back to the real world, the city, and work.  After such a great visit at home home it was hard to jump back into it all…but I did.  The weekend served me well in re-cooperating and relaxing.  Bryan came back on Thursday and I met him at the airport to help him with all of his luggage and welcome him back to Seattle.  Lucky for him he didn’t have to go back to work until the 2nd and had been doing nothing but relaxing over his break.

I told Bryan it felt like we were the only two people in Seattle.  That’s not true, of course, but all of our friends, all of my roommates, and a lot of my coworkers were still gone all weekend that it truly felt that way to me.  Friday night we went to Americana in Capitol Hill for a great dinner before driving to take in the scenes of Candy Cane Lane in the Ravenna neighborhood on the way to the movies to see Les Miserable, which was fantastic!!  We both loved the movie!

Fabulous lamb burger with tzatziki sauce and delicious sweet potato fries at Americana.
les mis
Les Miserables!!!!
candy cane lane
OMG…a 25 house stretch of this craziness all in a row was mesmerizing!

Saturday and Sunday were what I needed:  lazy!  Saturday we made omelets, did nothing all morning, worked on the puzzle, watched the Longhorns pull out a win, pick up Pagliacci’s pizza, and then went to the Q Cafe to volunteer for the three band concert.  The first two solo acts were phenomenally talented on the acoustic and their voice, and the third band was also pretty good.  Sunday we randomly decided to take the ferry over to Bainbridge for lunch since the sun was out and the temps have been holding in the mid-40s.  We split Reubens and roast beef sandwiches at the Hitchcock Deli at the end of the main Bainbridge drag.  We then got coffee and banana walnut bread at Blackbird Bakery while Bryan was presented with his puzzle present, which took him forever but he loved.  We shopped around and wasted time before heading on the ferry home.

Bryan and I both loved this sun-roasted tomato pizza with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and artichokes from Pagliacci’s.
A nontraditional reuben sandwich but not lacking any flavor. We got this at Hitchcock Deli and it came with pastrami, and some delicious ruby red kraut!
He really loved the puzzle!

Tonight is the end to 2012 and we are having an awesome party to celebrate and see the fireworks off of the Space Needle.  I am so excited for the party, friends, and a great kickoff to 2013!!!


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