Spirit of Sharing

Tis the season for sharing.  Whether it is gifts, food, company, or…sickness, the act of sharing is all around us.  And I have participated in a little bit of all of this.

I shared my time and knowledge of Seattle in showing Bryan’s friend Kim around Seattle a bit with Amy last weekend while he lay on his death bed.  We took her to the market because we had to do some shopping ourselves and she had yet to see it.  I shared more time and creativity with Amy that night in creating our coworker’s gift basket for his transfer to another office.  I had a mini freakout session at midnight when I was elbow deep in modge podge, sitting on the floor in a puddle of torn newspaper and our homemade dinner was no longer fueling me.

I shared some appetizers and drinks with my coworkers on Monday at the official Sound Transit North Link N125 100% submittal party at FX McRory’s in Pioneer Square.  We presented our crafted baskets of goods, had a glass of wine and several nibbles compliments of Sound Transit.

I shared the boy’s disease with him beginning on Monday.  Just praying that I wouldn’t get the severity of it.  Thankfully I didn’t.

I shared a homemade dish at the Community Potluck Celebration for the end of our Superfoods Class at Fremont Abbey on Tuesday.  For three hours I listened to a great jazz band, dance show, and bluegrass band while mostly sharing and talking food with my classmates, the chef and other Abbey volunteers, staff, and community members.  Chef Tomer made several pans of mushroom lasagna, had smoked salmon, salads, charcuterie plates, an apple tartine, delicious nutella bread from the market and wine and beer.  I had a blast and Bryan even joined for the tail end of it.  Fingers crossed they have another cooking series soon.

Superfoods Celebration with a great jazz band and community!
Superfoods Celebration with a great jazz band and community!

I shared a coupon to try out Zaina’s Middleeastern Restaurant for a quick lunch with Marika.  I had been once before but this time I got their chicken kabob sandwich which was actually super delish.  Still trying to find my middleeastern go-to place and this could be the ticket during lunch time.  Close to the office, their hummus and tahini were very tasty, the chicken was quality, and I loved that they packed the sandwich with salad AND roasted cauliflower (best addition ever).  I also love their hot sauce supplied with bottles on all of the tables.  My only complaint for Zaina’s sandwiches are with the pita bread used.  They use the traditional gyro pita bread which I find to be a little too thick and chewy for my preference with middleeastern sandwiches.  Bryan and I also tried Aladdin’s Falafel in the U District on Sunday night.  We picked up sampler platters to go home and watch Sunday Night Football.  I liked their hummus, baba, falafel, friend cauliflower all right but probably a gyro or sandwich from there would have been the better choice.  That is what I am finding at all of the middleeastern places here…the components on their own aren’t worthy enough for a platter but put them in a sandwich and they are yum.

Aladdins Veggie Sampler
Aladdins Veggie Sampler
Zaina's chicken schwarama with delcious cauliflower.
Zaina’s chicken schwarama with delcious cauliflower.

I shared my Google power user advantages to get the boy and I into an exclusive event with Google at the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker on Friday evening.  We had a backstage tour of McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center, a cocktail hour of mini quiches and pulled pork sliders and drinks, and then the show.  We again had a blast getting all dressed up and catching the show…despite our sickness.  And we got admittedly smashed thanks to the bartender being super generous since the wine was “on Google” and filling our empty water bottles up with white wine with just “warning: there is 2/3 a bottle of wine in each”.  Yeah, best ballet ever.

@ McCaw Hall
Space Needle peekaboo from window seat at Nutcracker reception.
Space Needle peekaboo from window seat at Nutcracker reception.
Cookies and swag at the Nutcracker thanks to Google +
Cookies and swag at the Nutcracker thanks to Google +

Polly shared her free guest passes to the Northwest Girl’s Choir holiday concert on Sunday.  For a full two hours Bryan and I were probably the only 20 year olds in the theater but enjoyed the carols quite well.  I also shared my Sunday with the boy with a french toast breakfast, church, and Sutra yoga.


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