All I Want For Christmas

Here it is…the legendary list of things I would like to do while in Michigan for my five days:

  • UM Basketball game
  • Jerusalem Garden
  • Northside Grill
  • Lunch with Mom and Dad (though she won’t be working)
  • Hair highlighted by Mom
  • Bowling
  • Movie (at home or out)
  • Soup Spoon Cafe
  • Fork in the Road Diner
  • Maru/Sansu
  • Christmas Eve service
  • Aladdins
  • Yoga
  • Bake a bit with Grandma
  • Make breakfast/dinner with the family
  • Christmas lights drive-arounds
  • Lots of Christmas music
  • Lots of coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea
  • See Nisa and Claire
  • Jazz

I’m sure I am missing some but these would take the cake for me this holiday season.  I would be content right now not moving from the couch watching Christmas movies with some hot beverage in hand too.  Can you tell that the boy has finally gotten me sick?


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