Double Wammie

Holiday + Visitors rolled into one.  This time my visitors were Chad and Allie and we had a great time.  You might as well throw in Amy as a visitor too because she was with us just as much.  Their stay was from Thanksgiving morning through early, early morning Tuesday, providing a mix of low key days and fun stuff out as well as a mix of Seattle rain and glorious sun.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to get the 22 lb turkey in the oven and my house cleaned.  That bird was heavy.  I made two trips to the airport, gave two tours of the house, and had 6 people already at my empty home by the time I returned from the airport the second time.  Dinner was served around 2:30 pm, all seated at my dining room table, with the table looking all Martha Stewart.  We had nine in total and enough to feed 100.  After we were stuffed and talked out, those that stayed managed pie somehow and football.  Amy was the last to leave at 11 pm.

Friday was deemed shopping today, Black Friday duh!  We braved the crowds.  We started at the record stores and then the awesome Etsy Art Fair held at the Seattle Center.  There were so many goodies at the art fair and not as much crowds as other places.  We moved on to pick up fish tacos from Camion taco truck (Allie’s fave) on the drive up north to Alderwood Mall where we tackled more shopping.  The car was jam packed with four people’s bags of purchases and we headed back for a home cooked dinner of seared Pacific salmon and Thanksgiving leftover sides while listening to new records and watching recorded shows at Amy’s.

Saturday morning Allie, Chad and I got to Buckley’s before the doors were even open:  8:30 am.  We easily got a front row table where we could watch the game with the small little pep band and eat brunch of pancakes and chicken fingers?!?!?  Oh, and lots and lots of coffee.  Bad outcome!  We walked to Pike’s where they were having their Magic in the Market event for Christmas.  We did some more browsing and shopping.  Didn’t stay for the tree lighting at 5 pm but walked home in the sunshine instead.  After resting up for a bit we headed to a Capitol Hill bar called Liberty Bar for their happy hour sushi and craft cocktails.  Their drinks were good, the sushi was disappointing for Seattle.  It’s a nice place though for a good drink while seated on leather couches like you are in your friend’s living room.  After a vote we headed home to watch Pulp Fiction and make our Saturday night really crazy, lol.

Youngins at Buckleys.
Sibs at Buckleys.

Sunday morning was a lazy one until we all ventured to Sutra Yoga for their complimentary community class.  It was a packed class and a nice stretch in our early afternoon.  The sun was out and so nice.  Some of us spent the afternoon soaking it up in the front room listening to new records while others watched NFL.  We met up with Philipp, Amy, Luis and Carina at List for their all night happy hour.  While I stuck to the sea bass Chad and Allie tried the sea bass, white truffle gnocchi, broccoli, and Caesar salad.  We left with a dinky bill and everyone loved it, of course.  Amy and the three of us next went to the Triple Door for some slow, sultry jazz and spiked coffee drinks.  Stayed for a few sets and talked.  My kind of thing.

Pumpkin spice lattes x 2 bought for Allie and I on our lazy Sunday market from the Espresso Exchange. Pretty pattern on my Seattle coffee.

Monday was the two’s last day in Seattle and was pleasantly warm, clear, and sunny allowing them to venture out on their own by foot to explore the city while I was at work in the mountains for the day.  They walked to get coffee at La Reve and studied and snacked at the neighboring El Diablo coffee shop.  They then walked through the Seattle Center, Olympic Sculpture Park, and waterfront (they think) before finding the Market again and doing some more shopping and browsing.  Once I made it back to the office to pick up Amy, I picked them up and drove north to Bothell for all-you-can-eat Dungeness crab night at Thrashers Corner Pub.  We had plate after plate of steamy juicy crab while watching Monday Night Football.

We do crab!
Diamond Knot Ho Ho Lager. These guys were loving PNW beers, including: Diamond Knot, Deschutes, Manny’s and Greenwood brews.

We were stuffed upon leaving and had an early bed time for our early wake-up call this morning to the airport (4:30 ouch).  A full day’s work and a night full of events but I am still doing good.  I enjoyed my company immensely and look forward to seeing them again in a month!


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