Chelsea Goes to Cooking School

I have loved this Superfoods cooking class that I have been taking on Monday nights these past few weeks.  This week we had the real class chef instructing and man was the class amazing.  Chef Tomer has trained in several countries and has been a chef in NYC, LA, and Seattle.  He is also amazing at explaining what he is doing, why he is doing it, and giving you other tips and advice for other uses, spices, cooking methods, etc.  I love it and learn so much each week!!

The Menu:

  • Roasted salmon
  • Kale, lentil and orange salad
  • Roasted potatoes

What I learned:

  • Always let meat or seafood come to room temperature before cooking it to ensure more even cooking throughout
  • Season the protein right before adding it to the pan
  • Heat the pan first and then add oil, otherwise the oil will burn and you will also need to use more than necessary
  • He cooked his salmon skin side down in the high heat pan for only 30 seconds and then popped it in the oven for 10 minutes for a crispy skin and a just cooked through filet
  • He parboils his potatoes first
  • Cooking the potatoes in animal fat makes them crispier
  • He cooked the potatoes similar to the salmon; first in the pan and then in the oven, with minimal flipping
  • He adds fresh sprigs of rosemary, garlic, or thyme straight to the pan to infuse in the oil
  • The kale he boiled in extremely salty water to enhance the color and flavor

Post cooking all the food we sat down family style to eat our delicious creations.  Loved it and actually took so much simple cooking skills away from the class.


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