Thanksgiving X 3

Who says that you can only have a Thanksgiving dinner one time a year?  Who says?  I do not say so.  And I did not do so.

Thanksgiving Dinner #1

When: Thursday, November 8th

Where:  Whole Foods Market

Why:  Special Event

What:  Whole Foods Market had a Taste of Thanksgiving event at all of their stores to sample what they offer their customers for the great annual feast.  For only $5 you could get a plate and then fill up that plate with all of the goods (and go back for more) and the steep $5 all went to a charity called Solid Ground.  Too many good things happening for only $5.  I got my fill, and went back for seconds.  The things that really stood out to me from their Thanksgiving meal were actually the condiments; the gravy was great and the cranberry sauce was really good.

My first plate at WF of turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, stuffing, honey ham, a bit of salad, great green beans, a shrimp cocktail, a hidden sausage stuffed mushroom and a salmon stuffed jalapeno.
Dessert plate included a slice of pumpkin pie, a slice of a fruity pecan pie (good), and a slice of a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Plus an unpictured cup of their decaf holiday blend coffee!!!

Thanksgiving Dinner #2

When:  Saturday, November 10th

Where:  Steve’s House (fellow coworker)

Why:  Annual Thanksgiving potluck party and I saved him by working at his site for the day.

What:  Steve and his wife invited 50 (!!) guests into their home for their annual Thanksgiving potluck party.  Guests were asked to bring an item to share while Steve and his wife supplied the home and turkey.  They also had two kegs of beer and a lot of people brought wine and party drinks.  The turkey was of course delightful and the sides that I tried were very good.  I particularly filled up on a butternut squash soup, some smoked salmon dip that was really good and a boozy cake.  It was a fun night with a lot of coworkers and some others, Amy being back, and watching the UW game.

Thanksgiving Dinner #3

When:  Thursday, November 22nd

Where:  My House

Why:  Thanksgiving Day!!!!

What:  Thanksgiving was held at my house this year and I even had two very special guests attend:  my brother and my cousin!!!  Plus many friends attended including Amy, Philipp, Marika and David, and Kate and Sinan.  I roasted the turkey with rosemary and thyme and served that with herbed bread stuffing and made the gravy and stock out of the turkey innards (I actually had really fun with that and those came out super).  The turkey came out juicy and succulent as it should and I have so much leftover.  I also cleaned like a lunatic and made a few craftsy decor items, which was actually a lot of fun (I have been into crafts lately).  In addition to my 22lb turkey with stuffing and gravy the menu also included mashed potatoes, creamed pearl onions and cranberry sauce (brought by Philipp), sweet potato souffle and a stuffed mushroom appetizer (brought by Amy), green bean casserole and roasted brussel sprouts (brought by Kate and Sinan), and pumpkin pie and pecan pie (brought by Marika and David).  Everything was delicious, seriously!!!  I was so impressed with my friend’s dishes and the table looked straight out of a magazine.  The company was great and we just relaxed in front of the TV to football afterwards, stuffed and happy.  (Pictures most likely to come later).


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