Updates to Date

I am no longer going to West Virginia and am very excited.  I am even more excited to hear what all they have planned for me for work, including field work on the light rail sites, design for a new contract at Sound Transit, and more project management experience. Keep Christmas and New Year’s a coming in the good ol’ PNW and I have so many exciting plans for them!!!!

Updates on My New Hobbies/Goals:

Superfoods Cooking Class:  I went to the second week of my cooking class at Fremont Abbey Arts last week.  Again it was eye opening and a lot of fun.  We had two business owners of Fremont who are big into fermentation!  They taught us the super simple method of making homemade sauerkraut.  They also reported on the benefits of the probiotics in sauerkraut, why it is so good for you in so many ways, and various uses and recipes that can incorporate it the superfood.  I got to make my own version (I went with the classic but with a pinch of cardamom) and bring home my own mason jar of the goods which will take 2-3 weeks to reach the appropriate pH level.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Some uses they showed us were making a simple tuna salad with it, blending it with white beans and EVOO to make some great dips for chips or veggies, adding it to eggs, or mixing it with sour cream and dill to top salmon.  Of course I am also a lover of all things Reuben!!

Homemade ruby red sauerkraut.

Massage Therapy:  I had my third massage appointment last Thursday right after work.  Wait, massage on Thursday, after working, with only a day left in the week.  Amen.

Volunteering:  Bryan and I attended a volunteer orientation at our church for the two organizations that our church focuses its services on locally.  The two are quite similar but both are of interest to me.  One is Sacred Heart, a women and children’s shelter and the other is called New Horizons, a 23 and under homeless shelter, both located in Queen Anne.  We are thinking of getting a group of our friends together on a monthly or so basis to cook dinner for one of the centers, socialize, and volunteer.  I’m excited for this.

Journey Class:  Only two weeks left.

Art and Crafts:  My t-shirts have all been washed and cut to size (cutting old t-shirts I found to be very therapeutic).  I have also cut the fusible fabric to size.  The next steps are to cut the sashing to size and to iron the fusible fabric to the t-shirt squares.


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