A Foresight Of What’s To Come

I got a sneak peak into what my life might be like for the next 2-3 months of working for the railroad in wonderful West Virginia.  I spent Friday and Saturday at Stampede Pass in Easton, WA working for them this week to fill in for my colleague.  Take a peak:

0600:  Wake up, throw on all warm clothes, and grab packed bags and lunches.

Dark road at 6:30am.

0700:  Stop in North Bend, WA for necessary coffee.  Get a VENTI size from Starbucks to get me through the cold day and paired alongside some yogurt and a homemade banana chocolate chip muffin.

Pretty driving along the railroad.
Easton post office?
Reminds me of something I would snowmobile through.
Gravel road.

0745:  Arrive at the entrance to Tunnel 3 in Easton, WA.  Meet crew in trailer for daily safety meeting.

I made it!!
Tunnel 3 (note waterfall = leaking problem)

0830:  Allow train to pass and get clearance to enter tunnel.  Crew begins to enter tunnel with equipment.

Moving train that delayed start time.

0930:  Get ESPN channel from superintendent (local resident).  Hear score updates of game through static every 30 minutes.  Rest of day proceeds with checks in the tunnel, conversations with contractors, reading or listening to ESPN in Jeep, drinking lots of coffee, eating packed lunch, using the accommodating commode, turning heat on and off in Jeep, and writing report.

Venturing up on top of the tunnel.
Eh, I’ve had better.
Don’t mess with me.
The snow just starting.

1430:  Crew exits tunnel with equipment.  Ride back along the railroad tracks to highway.

1600:  Fuel up Jeep and send out report via cafe’s WIFI.  Head back to Seattle

1630:  Arrive back in Seattle to change in car, pick up Amy, and eat and drink the night away with coworkers at Steve-o’s Thanksgiving potluck party along with the UW game.

2300:  Crash hard in bed.


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