New Adventures of the Old Chelsea

Lately I have been experimenting with a few new interests out of curiosity or for need of hobbies throughout the upcoming winter months.  So far I am really liking these new interests and trying to stick with them to explore them further.  Take a look.

Superfoods Cooking Class:  I just found out about this awesome community activities organization called Fremont Abbey located in downtown Fremont.  They offer a slew of different classes and concerts to keep people in the community active and entertained.  Most of their funding comes through grants and the proceeds of their concerts.  I just found out about this free (donation requested) cooking class series that is held every Monday night for six weeks that focuses on Superfoods.  I attended the open house to check it out first and loved it.  It is completely hands on, the chef is a great professional esteemed chef with a trained background, and I think the focus on Superfoods is going to be really great for me.  It is a contrast to low-cal, low-carb, low-fat or vegetarian based diets and recipes that I think will give me a fresh perspective on foods.  Plus the evening class are full of people my age and with my interests and it offers a social time and a time to eat together at the end of the class.  Are first two recipes were an super delicious rainbow massaged kale salad and eternal bliss balls (little power packed balls of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate.  I could eat that salad all day long.

Massage Therapy:  This has been great so far.  I was a little leery starting out but based on recommendations from my friend and coworker Marika, Mayo Massage Therapy has been great for working on my back and posture.  The posture is the key actually.  Ever since I have started going (I have only been twice so far) I have found it increasingly difficult to hold a poor posture at work.  I like this and am really trying to keep my shoulders back and not hunch over for comfort and for appearance.

Volunteering:  Q Cafe concerts.  They are finally back, thank God.  And speaking of God, it comes at a good time when my church has recently just had a sermon on service and serving the community.  I can’t wait to start attending these again.  Bryan and I are also going to maybe help out at a women’s and children’s shelter called Sacred Heart that is an organization that our church partners with.

Journey Class:  This class has been my first formal introduction into the church and practicing Christianity and I have loved it.  The leader is inspiring and well educated on the topic of Christianity.  She is also, and most importantly for me, someone I can relate to.  She is understanding and sympathetic and doesn’t give me a hard time when I don’t feel comfortable praying out loud for the group…but knowing that I want to get there.  The material is nicely provided to us in a white binder to take with us and I DO hope to take with me what I have learned in this class further.

Art and Crafts:  This I am just starting on and am really excited about so hopefully I actually see the projects through.  Amy is joining me on crafts so our girl’s nights involving dinner and TV/movies might now be dinner and crafts.  I just got everything I need for my t-shirt quilt and am going to take my first stab at quilting.  I also want to make an earring holder similar to my necklace holder.  Amy and I have also had visions for making coasters.  And I have recently been looking into little homemade crafts to deck my place out for Thanksgiving.  Amy has started on a cross-stitch project, which really makes me wish I had my sewing kit here with me.  And do puzzles count?  Because those are back in too!!


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