Keep On Celebrating

Birthday and Halloween celebrations are NEARING an end but in the meantime…

Tuesday I used my $30 Benihana birthday coupon for a free lunch duet of hibachi steak and hibachi shrimp AND still had enough dinero to get a dragon roll to go for lunch later in the week.  I love me some free Benihanas (get on that email club people).   I had a very rainy site visit late Tuesday night.  Fun stuff!

Hibachi steak and shrimp at Benihanas. Of course also included were veggie fried rice, ginger salad, and a birthday sundae.

Wednesday I got to mix up my workday a little by attending an all-day seminar hosted by WoodWorks called Design Considerations for Innovative Wood Buildings.  I actually thoroughly enjoyed all but one of the speaker’s presentations.  It was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown and started off with a light continental breakfast and coffee of course, followed by two presentations in the morning, one on heavy timber construction vs. fire-resistive wood design and the other on moisture control of wood buildings in the PNW.  We then had an hour lunch.  The afternoon closed out with my favorite presentations; one on enhancing high performance wood design and one on cross laminated timber design.  I learned so much at this workshop; I did not know the differences in different wood design methods or materials and had never heard of cross laminated timber before.  Now I know, as well as their applications and advantages.  Thank you JA for allowing me that opportunity to learn a little something something outside the world of tunneling and concrete and steel.

Thursday back at the office brought a Halloween potluck (wasn’t Halloween yesterday?) of a great spread (a chocolate and peanut butter cake to rival Mom’s) and then the return of Google Power Users events after work.  We have a new Google Event Coordinator on our hands and I have to make friends again but that has already been accomplished.

A weekend without the boy…finally.  JK!  But in all sincerity I was really looking forward to a weekend to myself, how selfish of me.  And to be perfectly fair I did try to spend time with him as much as I could in the days leading up to his departure.  And I did drive him to the airport at 4:30am on Friday morning and then slept in the car for an hour before going to work super early.  So free weekend for me.  I treated myself and friend to free pumpkin pancakes a la IHOP coupon for this Halloween Week to get me through the long morning.

And my last birthday coupon came on Tuesday with a free dinner at Duke’s Chowder House.  Bryan and I dined there and I got a complimentary entree of my choice, which I selected to be their seafood cioppino, which was nice and pleasantly spicy, filled with a ton of fresh seafood and accompanied with their great warm, fresh sourdough bread.  Yummy!!!

Duke’s Chowder House seafood cioppino for my birthday…still!!

Same president but now we have legalized recreational marijuana in Washington and legalized gay marriage…so big changes to come!!!


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