I VOTED!!!!  In person too.  At first I was afraid that was an impossibility in Washington when I looked online and it said that Washington is a “mail in only state”.  What?  Huh?  I mean I know there are a bunch of techies here but I like the physical act of voting.  But alas, the one and only polling place is next door in the fancy and beautiful Union Station and I got in and out kick.

Not only is there the presidential election (of which my vote probably will not matter in WA) but other priorities like a very tight governor election between Inslee (D) and McKenna (R) and three very important proposals:

  1. Legalizing gay marriage (we could very well be the first state to pass this by public vote)
  2. Legalize all uses of marijuana (again, this could be a first)
  3. Impose a tax to rebuild our seawall as it is old and deteriorating and could be a threat to the city

See a summary of our election here.

We will see how the results turn out!!!!


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