Google + Local Is Back

YEAH!!!!  After there has been a change of hands for the Community Event Coordinator position for Google Local Seattle we are baack in business.  This Thursday night was the new coordinator’s first event and I liked her a lot.  I actually got to chat with her for quite a while on what events I liked previously and what kind of events I would like to see coming up.  Sooooo excited (p.s. I would take that job!!).  I would like to do my official review of the new place and event.

Venue:  Cal’s American Kitchen

Where:  South Lake Union (SLU)

What:  Burger and beer tasting at this new to Seattle establishment.  Plus a meet and greet of the new coordinator.

Review:  It was a small group of around 15 people, mostly in social media, that provided good company and conversation without being overwhelming.  There were free PBR 40s chilling in ice buckets upon arrival for thirsty guests.  The decor of the restaurant and bar was very SLU (sleek, modern, clean and sophisticated while maintaining a calming and laid back vibe).  Then we got to select a lot of their menu items.  We were brought out heaping baskets of fries, tator tots, and onion rings.  The fries were not greasy and perfectly salted.  The tator tots are really big in Seattle right now and these held up to tator tot expectations.  The onion rings were huge, the batter had great flavor, and held onto the onion like so many do not.

Onion Rings
Heaps of french fries.
Taters in the style of tots.

Then they brought us out various burgers cut in quarters to sample.  I started with the lamb burger and it was so good that I admittedly did not stray in my following sample choices.  The lamb burger described on menu is seasoned and blended with chickpeas and the lamb itself was flavorful on its own and was nice and juicy (which I have found many lamb burgers to be too dry).  The burger was topped off with a thick portabella burger and thick slab of feta and sandwiched between a nice brioche bun had a great mix of complex flavors working together.

Burgers galore.

I liked Cal’s a lot and I like a lot of the ideas for future events.  I am always up for checking out a new place or trying something new and different so I am so excited that Google Local Seattle is back up and running!!!


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