October’s Top Ten

  1. IHOP pumpkin pancakes…or really pumpkin pancakes or pumpkin in general.
  2. Hugeass Washington Honey Crisp apples.  You know…the ones bigger than my face.
  3. Journey class at church…exactly what I have been looking for to give me a proper introduction of Christianity.
  4. UM vs. MSU…we can ignore the rest of the games.
  5. Free birthday meals and treats.  My birthday round up this year included: free delicious meal at Veggie Grill, $30 to Benihanas for a hibachi lunch and a sushi roll to go, free tiramisu from Tutta Bella, free meal at IHOP (see #1), free 10oz at Yogurtland, free $5 at Menchies frozen yogurt, free scoop at Baskin Robbins, free fish and chips from Duke’s Chowder House, free lip duo from Sephora, free hand cream from L’Occitane, and $3 to TCBY.
  6. Puzzle addiction…contagious among friends.
  7. Seattle Restaurant Week for three course meals…with three great experiences out:  The Pink Door, Etta’s Seafood, and How to Cook a Wolf.
  8. ACL with a slew of great bands and a visit to an old friend.
  9. Ms. PacMan domination.
  10. Birthday dinner with friends and my own peanut butter chocolate cake with pretty candles!!!
Honeycrisp + Pumpkin + Football + Birthday = October to Me!!!!!!


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