Alls Hallow

Great pre-Halloween festivities were had.  The rain is slowly approaching us.  I am really working on my posture with this new massage therapist that I am working with.  I can noticeably tell a difference in how my back feels at work.  Bryan and I had to make two trips to JoAnn Fabrics because they annoyingly won’t cut fabric after 8 pm when they don’t close until 9 pm.  And it is starting to get dark out soon again and I am not a fan.  Plus lots of talk of skiing has begun.  Winter is approaching.

Monday I treated myself to IHOP pumpkin pancakes again because it was dreary out.  I seriously inhaled the meal after my journey through the drizzly rain, without a rain jacket or good rain shoes.  Tuesday I went to a very interesting SEAW dinner meeting on the University of Washington Husky Stadium construction project.  We again had a surprisingly good three course dinner of salad, chicken breast with mango salsa, and black forest cake and Paul from work actually kept me company.

Inhaled @ IHOP!! The pumpkin pancake 2x2x2 combo again!!!!!!


Wednesday I dined with my friend Paul at Tom Douglass’ fabulous Etta’s Seafood restaurant in the Pike Market for Restaurant Week Lunch.  I chose the exquisite spinach salad to start, the famous Rub with Love salmon with corn pudding, shitake relish, and brussel sprouts for my main, and his famous coconut cream pie bite for dessert.  It was a great meal again and for only $15 it was a steal when even the lunch portion salmon is normally a whopping $20+. Large portion sizes, great service, good company = perfect lunch!

Etta’s Seafood is a great people watching spot at the Market.
Fabulous starter of a spinach salad with apples, grapes, curried cashews, bacon and an awesome dressing. Look at that size too.
Yum, yum, yum, yum. Etta’s is known for this dish and Tom Douglass is known for this seasoning mix he uses. The Rub with Love salmon, which was perfectly cooked and the perfect portion. Topped with a shitake mushroom relish and resting on top of the most creamy and interesting cornbread pudding and a plentiful array of great brussel sprouts. Was conquered.

But then the Tigers stunk up the place and Verlander….what happened???  We finally got to meet the legendary landlord Steve.  We had a walk through, introduced ourselves and but still have no new.  I’m praying. I picked up one of Piroshky Piroshky’s smoked salmon piroshky and borscht from the Pike Market that they were GIVING AWAY to celebrate their 20 year anniversary.  OMG sooooo good.  I really like Eastern European food I am finding.  A little eccentric and a little undiscovered by me to this date.  Costume making was also involved.

Deliciously flaky and creamy smoked salmon pate piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky in the Market…FREE!!
Plus FREE warming and bright red borscht.

Friday we had our monthly staff meeting with Pagliacci’s and I was actually asked to be one of five to create a summary presentation on the status of my project and a lesson learned.  It was frantically put together Friday morning but the end result was actually great.  I really appreciated the opportunity to talk at our staff meeting, the opportunity to showcase my talents with public speaking and presentation making, and opportunity to receive a lot of positive feedback from it.  Oh, and the seasonal Pagliacci’s pizza of forest mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions, and provolone cheese is off the hook!!!  I love chewy, exotic mushrooms.

Saturday I dropped off Amy at the airport and took advantage of having a car and being south of the city to do some shopping at South Center Mall and get a burrito from Baja Fresh.  Watched the Michigan vs. Nebraska game at home simultaneously watching the Tigers lose at the same time.  Misery.  Then we got to don our very Twister board costumes ($30 total and several hours less to construct than our original idea) to our friend’s Sinan and Kate’s house way over on the eastside.  It was a great party full of good people, the new and yet unreleased Dance Central 3 (I kicked some major booty and got the high score), awesome pulled pork sandwiches thanks to the Georgia kids, and a campfire with smores.  For whatever reason I kept being required to take spontaneous shots, still unsure why.

Twister boards
And the crew playing Twister. Note: a Twister board is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy larger when you 10 years old.


And Sunday was a very nice, low key kind of day, as Sundays should be.  Bryan and I went to church and I also went to my Journey class.  We walked to get our usual Homegrown sandwiches after.  I got the seasonal sandwich, which was a delight.  Roast chicken, goat cheese, cucumbers, arugula, and lavender pear butter!!!  We then got our 2nd puzzle of the week to start on back at my place.

Homegrown roast chicken and goat cheese seasonal sandwich.

The Tigers are out of the World Series and I’m back at work…bummer!  And the rain has returned…bummer!


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