Just Call Me Diner Extroadanaire

The week following my birthday and Austin was really all about the food, and I’m okay with that.  It started right off with my birthday lunch with the girls at the Pink Door for their restaurant week 3-course menu.  For $15 we got a great, full meal and I got to share it with three good friends of mine:  Amy, Marika, and Polly.  We all met for lunch Tuesday at the hidden restaurant in Post Alley.  I had a hard time choosing but think I did all right.  I selected the shaved salad to start, had the pan seared rockfish with salsa verde and gigante white beans for my entrée, and their bongo bongos to seal the deal.  The girls chose other things across the board so I got a sampling of cioppino, raddichio salad, and lemon brulee tart as well.  Can you say stuffed and ready to sleep versus go back to work???

View of the awesome restaurant, The Pink Door in Post Alley.
Amy and I at the Pink Door.
Marika and Polly at the Pink Door.
A shaved salad to start with a unique combination of flavors: mushrooms, celery, fennel, and great parmesan with a citrusy vinagrette.
A very generous serving of pan seared rockfish on top of the largest white beans with a chimichurri sauce. Hearty lunch.
Past the point of fullness but these were delicious. Bongo bongos (profiteroles) with vanilla ice cream filling and a great chocolate sauce topper. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday night Bryan and I celebrated my birthday, again taking advantage of the coinciding restaurant week, with a dinner at my choice of How to Cook a Wolf.  The restaurant is located right at the top of Queen Anne on Queen Anne Ave. and is owned by the local esteemed chef Ethan Stowell.  It is a quaint and romantic little restaurant that specializes in excellently executed simplistic dishes that are full of flavor.  The restaurant tells you that the items are meant to be shared.  I like that they tell you that.  Count me in.  We opted for one restaurant week menu selecting the creamy delicious butternut squash soup, thick cut pork chop, and the dark chocolate gelato with shortbread cookies to pair with it.  We also selected the sea scallops with chanterelles, corn and delicata squash off the regular menu.  Perfect amount of food.  Everything was absolutely amazing, like beyond amazing.  I also had a glass of their sangiovese with my meal.  Perfect.  They gave us fresh pasta bags as souvenirs when we were leaving.  We were all dolled up (the waitress even said that my dress was “stunning”) and still ready to continue the night so I finally got to take Bryan to the legendary Copper Gate in Ballard for their Thursday night jazz in their eclectic room (too inappropriate for web content).  Super, super fun night!!!

How to Cook a Wolf, intriguing name, great restaurant.
Super creamy and buttery butternut squash soup with creme fraiche and sunken seared guanciale (basically a bacon).
Scallops with chanterelles, corn and delicata squash.
A huge cute of pork chop perfectly cooked with shave pear salad and pear butter.
Dark chocolate gelato with shortbread cookies. Simple but so good together.


I got my hair cut Friday and got my monthly serving of free fries from Pike Street Fish Fry.  These are so good and so abundant and so fresh and so salty and peppery and the atmosphere is so fun in this little hole in the wall.  And my hair is now all purdy.  Afterwards I got some belated birthday frozen yogurt from the Capitol Hill Yogurtland before heading to Amy’s for a girls night in.

Saturday morning Bryan and I used a birthday coupon for some pumpkin pancakes at the Capitol Hill IHOP.  Sweet carb heaven and the perfect wake me up for a trouncing against the Spartans that we watched at Buckley’s in Belltown.

IHOP pumpkin pancakes were SO GOOD, with eggs and turkey bacon. Heaven on a Saturday morning.

Post game I checked out a new venue for volunteer opportunities.  I am exploring my options for the winter time.  I volunteered at a fundraiser gala for the Tilth Organic Farming Community.  I was a coat checker and just spent a few hours helping Tilth raise money for their programs and in exchange I got to listen to the bands and was served dinner.  Afterwards we rented Dictator for a few laughs and fell asleep early.

Sunday was supposed to be my second Journey class at church.  Unfortunately, Bryan made me miss it.  I was annoyed and he felt so bad so instead we made breakfast tacos at my place and he gave me his own two hour lesson out of my Journey binder on the Last Supper and the Resurrection.  We actually both really enjoyed this, and he so much, that he asked if he could just teach me versus attending class.  Afterwards I got my first “medical” massage (thank you good health care) and Sunday night Amy cooked me up a great birthday dinner feast of pot roast, biscuits, wine, and of course the best peanut butter chocolate cake EVER!!!  It made my night that I got to blow out candles on MY cake with MY friends singing to me.

Cake and candles and happiness!

There’s more food to come this week with restaurant week round two, more birthday coupons to use, and a few other treats.  I loved this weekend.  It was perfectly relaxing and fun and spent with the boy…who tells me that he got me a framed picture that is really good of us from the Colorado wedding for my birthday.  I can’t wait to get it!!!!!!


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