Seems Almost Like Fall

Short week last week for me!!!  After my dad left I had a short four day work week ahead of me.  Of course short is purely relative.  After work on Tuesday I attended the first SEAW dinner meeting of the year because the topic on modular wood construction intrigued me.  Surprisingly, the dinner of alder smoked salmon with potatoes, salad and dense chocolate cake was actually tasty this time.  First day back ended at 9pm.

Wednesday and Thursday I got a free egg sandwich melt from Subway for their birthday?!?  It was a promotion they were doing and after having the first one I decided I could stop in another day for a 2nd because they were yummy.  Wednesday night Bryan and I tried Cellars in Belltown for dinner.  We wined and dined on steaks for both of us.  It was delicious and the ambiance was actually pretty conducive for a nice chat.  Friday after work and our monthly humorous staff meeting with Pagliaccis provided I had a tennis match.  I also played a match on Sunday.  Split matches so I still have a .500 record for my season but I am having fun and getting to play in the sun and warmth and that is the reason that I am playing.

Yum Subway egg melts. Every time I opted for the egg, ham, and cheddar with spinach, tomatoes, red onions, brown mustard and jalapenos!!!

Saturday morning Bryan and I spent several hours getting brunch at the next-door Citizen Coffee, walking and window shopping the yachts and sailboats in South Lake Union and then watching the MSU vs. Notre Dame game.  I then actually had to go out on site for a little bit, only to get annoyed by the Oregon and WSU fans heading early to Centurylink Field.  Saturday night I attended a great little BBQ hosted by SEAW at Gasworks Park.  Still marvelous weather so I will attend any and all BBQs under those circumstances.  And on Sunday I attended church, played my match, and then hung out at Amy’s for a longgggggg night of delicious gumbo dinner with whiskey raisin bread pudding and wine, Sunday night football, and the reason it was long is that the three of us (Amy, Bryan, and I) stayed up until midnight chatting.  I miss SNF dinners!!!

Hugeeeeeeee sandwich and not at all breakfast but still delicious. The Citizen Sandwich with roasted pork in a delicious sauce with a kick, jalapenos, grilled onions, cilantro, and garlic aioli. Actually eaten outside on their patio in the sun with a cup of joe.


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