COlor Me Beautiful

What a great trip and a lovely wedding!!!  The weekend was a mix of events, socializing with new (but comfortably familiar) faces, observing the beautiful Colorado countryside, and relaxing in hot tubs.

Friday night Bryan and I arrived in Denver around 6:30 pm.  After 2 hours we were FINALLY out of the airport with our bags and rental car.  We immediately stopped at Bryan’s favorite restaurant in Denver for our reservation at Osteria Marco.  Italian is one thing Bryan really favors and the restaurant was glam and the food was stellar.  This restaurant is known for their homemade burrata which was something that Bryan has been trying to find in Seattle since having it in Denver a few years back.  We started with the burrata cheese appetizer which I can only describe as delicate, with an exterior similar to fresh mozzeralla but as soon as you cut into the mold it reveals its soft creamy interior.  The burrata had a bit of a zest to it and was fabulous spread on some of the grilled bread that is comes with.  We also sampled their really great seasonal bruschetta with roasted peppers, basil and more cheese.  I chose the lamb meatballs for my entree, which were huge and served in a great spicy tomato sauce, served atop a bowl of creamy polenta and topped with a bit of ricotta salata and fresh arugula and Bryan had their bistecca served with potatoes and sauteed onions over a fonduta sauce and we each ordered a glass of red wine.  Fabulous meal, great ambiance, and not exorbitant prices for such a nice place.  We strolled through the streets of downtown which was a hustle and a bustle with people in the very warm weather.  Much more hopping than Seattle I felt like.  We also went to the top of the Hyatt for some great views of the city from their bar at the top.

Burrata cheese
Seasonal bruschetta
Lamb meatballs served over creamy polenta with ricotta salata and arugula

Saturday morning we took it slow and drove around Bryan’s old neighborhoods before then grabbing a coffee from his old cafe in the Highlands neighborhood.  We met his old roommate, Andrew, for brunch at Duo.  I loved this place and the meal that I had was delicious.  I got the farm fresh breakfast of a hash of kale, beets, and portabello mushrooms served atop sourdough bread and topped with two poached eggs and a light creamy sauce.  It was also served with great crispy house potatoes.  Soooooooo good and just my cup of tea.  Eggs poached perfectly.  After filling up we had a beautiful, relaxed ride through the Colorado Rockies from Denver to the destination of our rented house in Breckenridge.  Our house can be seen here:  http://www.breck.net/mtnvue/.   We met up with Kelly and Charlie, Paul and Kate, and Dillon and Rosie who were our condo mates for the weekend.  All eight of us watched the football games (win or lose) for a long time before grilling some brats, a ton of vegetables and sweet corn for dinner.  We met up with the wedding crew at the Breckenridge Brewery for an oatmeal stout and a few games of flip cup…before requesting to go back to the house for hot tub time.

Farm fresh benedict at Duo

Sunday was the day of the wedding and the day started off to lazy start.  We made breakfast in and then I went exploring the downtown of Breckenridge.  A lot of cute stores, boutiques, eateries, art galleries, etc.  Our group all got ready, took group shots, and then headed up into the mountains to find the rented lodge that the wedding and reception were held at.  The view overlooking the ceremony was stunning, with the Breckenridge slopes right in the background.  A violinist played their music, their was no wedding party, the brother led the ceremony, probably 50 guests attended, and the ceremony was short and sweet.  We all moved inside for drinks and appetizers while pictures were taken.  Then there was the “Texas” barbecue spread, which was delicious. The night continued with a lot of wine, champagne toasts, cutting of the cake, and then the dancing started outside on the deck.  So-so music but we all had fun requesting the songs from back in our day.  We ended the night with just the friends and bride and groom (10 total) having a sampling of the groom’s cellar selections.  We tried a total of six REALLY good beers.  The first three were not really my cup of tea but the last three were all dark, stouts, and had notes of coffee, chocolate, and fruits.  The favorite of the bunch was the sixth tasted, a great Kentucky Breakfast Stout from the good old Founders Brew Company from Kalamazoo.  It was super good…and about 14% alcohol.

Monday we packed up early and then all walked to the nearby Euro Deli, that I had spotted the day before, a streets down from where we were staying.  I had a phenomenal turkey, goat cheese, spinach and cranberry panini (best panini bread EVER) and coffee before hitting the road.  Bryan and I detoured to Red Rocks to show me the cool amphitheater that Denver holds concerts at.  We met his friend Kim for a few minutes before saying goodbye.  We stopped at Park Burger for their phenomenal sweet potato fries and a buffalo burger for me before heading to the airport and heading back to Seattle.

Turkey cranberry panini at Euro Deli
Buffalo burger and stellar sweet potato fries at Park Burger

I really enjoyed seeing Denver, seeing where Bryan truly calls home, and meeting his friends that he misses so much.  I liked the city and the mountains but I like my Seattle and the greenness too.  The only downside to this weekend was that after spending so much time with his good friends and seeing their chemistry, I miss my friends from home too.  Thank goodness I will have a visitor soon!!!  Check back for pictures of the wedding soon.  We have some dandies!!


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