Girl Talk…

Reunited at last…with Amy that is.  It seems like she has been MIA for so long with busy work on her end and then her vacation.  But she is back!  Tuesday night I had her and Bryan over for grilled Pacific salmon using a balsamic rosemary glaze, grilled balsamic mushrooms, a Caesar salad, Macrina herbed baguette and a bottle of a Piety Chenin from Bryan and my Piety Flats case of wine.  It was a sweeter white wine that I really liked.  I have never heard of the grape/wine “Chenin”.  Similar to a Riesling, in my opinion.  After dinner we talked on the couch the three of us listening to records and catching up.

Part of my dinner grilled up. Everything balsamic.
Excerpt: “From late spring to early fall indulge yourself in an amazing treat. Savor the taste of passion fruit, apricot, dried pineapple, tart green apple (Granny Smith) and strawberry. Make sure you serve chilled to bring out these great flavors.”

Thursday Amy and I then went to a free advanced screening of For a Good Time, Call…  Definite chick flick but kind of cute and light-hearted humor that was good for both of us.  Friday night the whole crew finally got out to Skymania! in Kirkland to use the jump time coupons that were purchased back for Bryan’s birthday.  We had two hours of hilarity and jumping on trampolines, playing volleyball, dodgeball, and just messing around.  We then went to Milagro Cantina in Kirkland for their late night happy hour and I tried their $3 chile relleno stuffed with a seafood and potato mixture and topped with a spicy sauce, chips and salsa, and the smallest $3 ceviche tostada ever, and great margaritas.


We went bar hopping afterwards but let me just say that Kirkland nightlife is horrendously boring.  Amy, Bryan and I had our JA picnic in Bellevue at Newcastle Beach Park the next morning.  From noon until 4pm we hung out at the park, eating great and plentiful barbecue (ribs, chicken, corn, cornbread, coleslaw, fruit, and Cupcake Royal cupcakes oh my), playing yard games, walking around and on the dock and just chatting casually with the coworkers.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a picnic.  Amy and I had plans for girl night following the BBQ.  I tried on her dresses for the wedding and talked for hours.

Skymania Trampolines!
Starting a competition of course.
Thoughts on Kirkland bars?



Sunday was the usual yoga (but just on my balcony this time in the sun), then church, then chill out time at Gasworks with Amy, then shopping at Northgate, and then the boy and I went to Tutta Bella to try their new fall pizza that I had been wanting to try and use a BOGO coupon.  We dined at the one in Wallingford with a GREAT Oompa Loompa band playing right next to us.  I ordered the Calabrese that came topped with EVOO, black mission figs, prosciutto di Parma, chevre, rosemary, balsamic reduction, and grana padano.  The free pizza he got was the Diavala, which I also really like with marinara, Isello’s chicken sausage, mama lil’s peppers, and onions.  We both proclaimed that it was the best pizza we had in Seattle yet and the music was great and we will definitely be returning.  It was the best pizza maybe I have ever had.  We also split a wonderful Insalata Mista which I actually really liked the olives, cannelini beans, and light dressing throughout.  It was a great meal and a good weekend and week all around seeing many friends I have not had much time to spend with.

Yes, the Calabrese is yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! @ Tutta Bellas.

I also finished Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, which was such a phenomenal book and I don’t just say that because it takes place and is all over Seattle and the International District.  The story is awesome, I knew nothing of Seattle’s history (1940s) with Asian immigrants, Japanese internment camps, and the general makeup of the city I now call home.  Read it NOW!


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