You Are Made For More

I have been reading the book You Are Made for More that my aunt and mom so generously let me borrow and there is some good insight there.  Two weeks ago I was feeling particularly ho-hum about my job, friends, feelings, emotions, etc. that only seemed to snowball into all areas of my life.  From the weekend spent breathing in fresh air and absorbing plenty of Vitamin D and spending time with someone I truly care about, I have been able to rejuvenate myself and have a more positive outlook on most all things around me as well as ample motivation to be “MORE“.  It’s no breaking news that I am encouraged and driven through accomplishments and affirmations.  At times a bad trait, but when used wisely, an advantageous trait.

Last week I was able to find balance between work, independent time, and meaningful social contact.  I had an actual task list at work that always provided me with something to do and not the horrendous idle time.  I picked up EIGHT books from the library that I had on hold for weeks and jumped right into Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  I made more delicious muffins (this time apple cinnamon with white chocolate chips…the banana peanut butter ones still reign supreme though) to take to work for my eating enjoyment.

I embarked on SEAW happy hour for the first time in a few months at Pnk Ultra Lounge where Wasabi restaurant just took root.  I caught up with my friend, Paul, as we tried their sushi rolls, shrimp shumai, edamame, veggie tempura, calamari, and a glass of house Cab.  I treated Marika and David to dinner with Bryan and I at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant to enjoy their company and the live Wednesday night jazz.  My plate of eggplant lafitite (eggplant stuffed with shrimp, crab and crawfish with a spicy Creole sauce) was okay but the wine and music and conversation were what made the night for sure…still don’t know how I truly feel about New Orleans cooking.

The inside of the New Orleans Creole Restaurant in Pioneer Square.

I went for Yogurtland deliciousness and McD’s softserve deliciousness this weekend for the hot 90 degrees in Seattle.  My company field-tripped to the U District for the Roosevelt Station Groundbreaking event on Friday afternoon.  It was hot but there were ample vendors giving away iced coffee and tea, cookies, mini gold shovels, live music, and ice cream from Peaks.  We all ventured to Pike Street Fish Fry for their free Friday fries and fish tacos.  Yum!!  I beat Bryan again in tennis and then had to tow along on a midnight bike ride.

The band…
The events..
The nums…



Saturday we got our usual pregame meal of fish tacos at El Camion before the Sounders 1-0 win against Vancouver. After the game we chilled and played cards at my place.  I made a great dinner of a new chicken schwarama recipe with hummus, pita, and veggies (just like Sultans) with glasses of Working Girl red wine and then we picked up a Red Box movie I don’t even recall the name with Will Ferrell in it and got softserve from McD’s which was a chaotic freak show that night.

Sunday I made this new to me dessert which was a hit at the BBQ I went to at Bellevue’s Newcastle Beach State Park.  It was a BBQ competition but I was glad to have brought a dessert because it was the only dessert there.  On the other hand, I got to try some great BBQ chicken, pulled chicken sammies, grilled asparagus, a zucchini salad, a pickled Japanese salad, BBQ eel, BBQ bacon wrapped scallops and all were delish!  The sun even came out just in time for the BBQ.

My s’more bars in the background.

I feel really good about the place I’m at and where I am going again.  And I have a holiday weekend approaching, another boating weekend that I’m waiting to confirm, and a great friend and my dad’s visits to look forward to.  Einstein Bros. Bagels just opened two blocks from work and I was able to score a free bagel (tried the pumpernickel with their honey almond cream cheese and may have a new favorite) on my way to my early morning appointment.  And Amy is back in town!!

Pumpernickel with honey almond schmear.


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